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Is it Too Late to Begin Using a Sauna? Find Out How Infrared Sauna Use May Positively Affect Geriatric Syndrome and Frailty

There is a plethora of positive data regarding the impact that sauna bathing may have on longevity and healthspan. If you have already reached your golden years you may be wondering if it is worth beginning a sauna bathing protocol, or if you have simply missed the window of opportunity.  A recent study examined the… Read more

Can Sauna Bathing Really Lower the Risk of Dementia?

If you could prevent the onset of dementia in yourself or a loved one, would you do so?  For most people the answer to this question is a resounding YES! A multi-author peer reviewed study published in 2020 that investigates the possibility of preventing dementia. A wide spectrum of the Finnish demographic demonstrates compelling evidence… Read more

Recover Faster After Workouts: A New Study Reveals Infrared Saunas As Highly Effective Muscle Recovery Tools

Professional athletes who depend on the speed of recovery post workout for the purpose of peak performance will certainly benefit from incorporating infrared sauna use directly after training sessions. Even individuals who are not professional athletes, but are still lifting weights several times a week and engaging in cardiovascular training, will benefit from the use… Read more

For All Sauna Users: The Importance of Refueling Magnesium Levels Regularly

If you are among those who have felt the incredible effects of regular sauna use, then you probably look forward to your daily dose enthusiastically. While it is true that all cause mortality is reduced with regular sauna use, and that nearly all portions of health will flourish if you are using a sauna 3-4… Read more

What is the Best Type of Sauna For Detoxification?

As sauna bathing increases in popularity so do the many opinions of what is the best type of sauna to use. There are voices that are adamant for traditional saunas while others stand for far infrared or full spectrum infrared saunas. Ultimately when used appropriately all forms of heat therapy are very beneficial for health…. Read more

Healthy Weight Loss for Men and Women Between the Ages of 19-25 Years: Studies Show that Sauna Use May be the Answer

Attaining and maintaining a healthy weight or body mass index (BMI) for young people can feel like a battleground: The duel between the prolific availability of fast foods combined with an overall increase in sedentary lifestyle among America’s youth, juxtaposed with unrealistic beauty standards, can lead to the ingestion of weight loss promoting pharmaceutical products,… Read more

The Neurology Behind Post Sauna Euphoria: Is Totonou a Real Thing?

The Totonou state is a Japanese expression that describes a very specific experience directly after a sauna that is closely related to states of euphoria, but with a slightly more subtle nuance. Totonou is a state of deep calm coupled with a clarity of mind. For anyone who has ever used a sauna and emerged… Read more

How Hot is Too Hot? An Exploration Into What is a Safe Temperature Range For Sauna Use

There has been a lot of hype in recent years from celebrity sauna connaisseurs regarding the use of high temperature saunas. Individuals with large followings on social media, podcasts, as well as other platforms, have urged their audience to increase temperatures on their saunas with the explicit or implicit message being that the hotter the… Read more

Is it Possible to Rid the Body of Microplastics With Sauna Use?

Why Is The Consumption of Nanoplastics Such a Big Deal?  Humans are exposed to an increasing amount of plastics everywhere, and the consequences of this fact is showing up in deteriorated health. From Tupperware, to shampoo bottles, drinking water, and toothbrushes, plastic has become a part of nearly every human activity. The issue is that… Read more

Infrared Sauna as a Therapy in the Treatment of Hashimoto’s Disease

The most common cause of an underactive thyroid gland is Hashimoto’s disease. This autoimmune disorder affects 2% of the American population, most of whom are women. In addition to the health concerns that Hashimoto’s disease presents, the very symptoms of this debilitating condition may present an array of challenges that are difficult for sufferers to… Read more