Lotus Haven Infrared Sauna
Lotus Series Infrared Sauna

Lotus Haven – 6 Person Far Infrared Sauna


The Lotus Haven 6 person far infrared sauna comes with removable benches so that you can create your own private yoga or meditation sanctuary. This luxury sauna is equipped with state-of-the-art carbon heaters with ultra low EMF emissions. The Lotus Haven is sure to become your personal paradise with its sleek design and versatility of use.

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Relax into the 6 person state-of-the-art Lotus Haven far infrared sauna. The sleek design of this health vessel can accommodate the whole family, or be used commercially in a spa. The beautiful external cabin structure made of Hemlock wood is just the beginning of the many features of this haven of health. The carbon heaters surround you in safe, effective infrared light technology with low EMF readings.

With removable benches, the Lotus Haven can become your personal yoga or meditation sanctuary. Luxuriate in the Lotus Haven with your choice of soundscape playing from the built-in Bluetooth speakers. Find the rainbow of the color light spectrum (Chromotherapy) nestled into the ceiling and work with one color light frequency or rotate them all as you desire. The Lotus Haven is an oasis outside of time and space where you can relax and optimize your health and wellness.

Wood Type


Max Number of People


Exterior Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height)

75″ x 61″ x 75″

Interior Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height)

71″ x 56″ x 68″

Full Spectrum




Floor Heater


Salt Walls



2 separate dedicated 20 amp 120 volt outlets, two separate 20 amp breakers required


Bluetooth and MP3 auxiliary connection

Max Temperature

150°F (65.5 °C)

Sauna Weight

585 Pounds

External Ambient Lighting


Reading Light


Shipping Cost

Free Shipping in the Continental US!


5 Year Warranty on All Saunas