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Why We Dont Like EMFs

EMFs and the Human Body

When you begin to explore the infrared sauna market it does not take long before the discussion on EMF readings is brought to the forefront of attention. The reality is that there is significant misunderstanding surrounding this topic with increasing sauna manufacturers using low EMF readings as a selling point, rather than being loyal to the truth of what this is and how you, the consumer may best protect yourself from harmful emissions emanating from electrical appliances at home. 

The sun itself emits an electromagnetic field as well, this is of course is the full light spectrum, but generally speaking a discussion surrounding EMFs and their potentially harmful effects on human health is referring to electrical appliances, small and large and excludes the natural EMF radiation. 

Though the concrete evidence surrounding the negative effects of long term exposure to low level EMFs is not yet available, it is known that fields above certain readings can trigger biological effects. High levels of EMFs are also restricted by both national, and international guidelines. With the known facts of electromagnetic fields being enough to restrict high levels in fear of the long term effects, this is enough information for us to believe that all levels should be restricted as much as possible.

While there still remains a lack of data or long term studies showing that EMFs are (or aren’t) actually harmful, we have received feedback from our customers who are sensitive to EMFs. That feedback was enough for us to make producing LOW EMF’s a priority. Infrared saunas are meant to promote healing and wellness, and if we aren’t going to use toxic glues or other products, we firmly believe we shouldn’t have toxic EMFs either.

The EMF Reading For The Saunas We Recommend

Certainly, a major red flag when choosing an infrared sauna is any company that claims Zero EMFs, by virtue of using any electrical appliance there will be an electromagnetic field and the key is to ensure that this is as low as possible.

We ensure that our saunas emit a field that is as safe as technology permits today. With a measuring instrument our heating panels emit a reading no higher than the following:

10 mg @ 4 cm away from the heating panel

5 mg @ 24 cm away from the heating panel

Comparing this data against other small and large house hold appliances the results of infrared sauna emissions pale by comparison. The electromagnetic field of any appliance may vary from day to day depending on humidity levels, atmospheric pressure, and other variables. Simply using a toaster, a hair dryer, a vacuum, or a refrigerator exposes us to levels much higher than an infrared sauna.

For more comparisons on EMF emissions charted by the WHO (World Health Organization), please read all about EMFS and their impact on human physiology.

No Toxic Materials Used In Our Saunas Wood & Low EMF Emissions Is Our Commitment.

Our Saunas come equipped with low EMF panels in addition to no filler woods, no toxic glues, or varnishes and is what we believe to be the cleanest and healthiest sauna available today.

As you explore the infrared sauna market, please keep in mind that a ‘Zero’ EMF infrared sauna does not exist, so long as an electrical outlet is involved, and remember the goal is to minimize exposure given the fact that in our modern world EMFs surround all of us most of the time!


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