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Infrared Wave Technology

Built for a lifetime of healing, health and wellness.

The technology powering our vessels was designed with two goals in mind: providing top of the line broad spectrum infrared saunas that maximize the wellness potential of its users, and one that would last a lifetime. The fast heating, low EMF, and broad spectrum infrared light components are what separates our from anything else available on the market today.

Safe and Effective Equipment Designed for Optimum Wellness

– Infrared Heater Key Features –

Rapid Heat Time

About 15 minutes is all that it takes for the heaters to reach the optimal starting temperature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit. The heaters surround the sauna user in 360 degrees, concentrating the heat on the middle of your body to raise core temperature quickly.


The infrared heaters use carbon far infrared heaters that provide waves delivering therapeutic qualities with virtually no EMFs detectable.  Our heaters can be tested with an EMF meter and have some of the lowest readings in the industry.

99% Emissivity Rating

Our infrared heaters are designed to produce a lot of high quality infrared heat quickly and efficiently. The position of our heaters has been designed for the most efficient delivery of heat to the core tissues of the body for the best therapy possible.

Precise Micron Ratings

The carbon heaters are designed to produce both far and long infrared heat at 6-12 microns. The human body absorbs the most infrared at 9.4 microns. This infrared wavelength is used for pain relief, increased blood flow, detox, and circulation.

Broad Spectrum Infrared

In addition to carbon panels on all 3 walls of the sauna, every home sauna is equipped with two high output ceramic infrared heaters mounted facing the user. Near, mid, and far infrared gives you rejuvenating, oxygenating, and detoxifying effects all simultaneously. Heal injuries, remove toxins, increase metabolism and lose weight in a healthy sustainable way.

360° Surrounding Heaters

Our infrared saunas are designed each sauna with the infrared healing waves surrounding the body by putting heaters on the back wall, front wall, at your calves, on the side walls, and on the floor. This will fully encompass you in healing that will stimulate detoxification and weight loss.


Himalayan salt wall surrounds the top of each of our saunas to compliment the heat produced by the infrared heaters. This salt cave like atmosphere produces a calming effect that is also reportedly very therapeutic for respiratory conditions, reducing inflammation, fighting infections, and helping depression.

150°F Max Heat

Our heaters have low surface temperature due to their large surface area. They output enough far infrared to heat the body effectively at lower temperatures than traditional saunas. Lower surface temperatures produce longer infrared waves and are much more useful to the body for healing tissue.

Carbon vs. Ceramic – Which Is Better?

As you are performing your pre-purchase research for your home sauna you will undoubtedly come across many debates surrounding carbon and ceramic heaters, and which is better. After extensive research and testing, our company has determined that BOTH are important sauna technologies, but for differing reasons.

Carbon heaters are known for their efficient production of high quality infrared waves in the 960 nm range. They are very safe to use, and you are able to rest your body on an infrared heating panel without being exposed to extreme levels of heat (unlike halogen based heating technology). One issue with carbon heaters is that they do not produce a lot of heat.

When looking at ceramic heaters, you will find that they produce an abundance of heat, but a shorter wavelength of infrared light. The wavelength of light produced by ceramic heaters is still helpful to your body, but is less therapeutic than the wavelength produced by carbon heaters.

We combine these heating technologies to provide you with the most benefits possible.

The therapeutic benefits of the long waveform infrared light are produced by the carbon heating elements, along with the heat from ceramic – in a single unit. The heat provided by the ceramic heaters opens the body up to receiving the healing infrared light produced by the carbon – a perfect match.

Our Saunas

Broad Spectrum,  Low EMF, Chromotherapy, Halotherapy, and Artisan Craftsmanship

Emissivity – And Why It Matters

When doing your research on a sauna capable of emitting far infrared light, you will want to pay attention to emissivity. Simply defined, emissivity is, ‘the ratio of the radiant energy emitted by a surface to that emitted by a blackbody at the same temperature’.

Emissivity ranges from 0 to 1.0 – a perfect reflector (like a mirror) will have an emissivity of 0, whereas water has an emissivity close to 1.0 at .95. Ceramic also has an emissivity of around .95, which makes it an important component in our heating technology.

Heater Layout

Our carbon heating panels surround you and provide far infrared from head to toe. As you sit in the sauna you will rest your feet on carbon panels, enjoy gentle heating on your calves from the leg heaters, and bathe the rest of your body with the panels located on 3 walls of the sauna. You can fully relax and unwind on our heating panels as the technology is focused on penetrating the infrared light deep in to the body without an uncomfortable level of heat.

The front heating elements are ceramic heating elements, providing near and mid infrared wavelengths of healing light. The ceramic heaters are the heating powerhouse of the sauna, and ceramic elements are found in both the front heaters and carbon panels.


  • Near/Mid/Far Infrared
  • Himalayan Salt Walls
  • Chromatherapy
  • Low EMF Carbon Heaters
  • Premium Bluetooth Speakers
  • All Non Toxic Materials
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