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Infrared Sauna Wood Types – Red Cedar vs. Hemlock

Red Cedar vs. Hemlock: Choose The Wood For Your Infrared Sauna That Will Best Serve Your Wellness Needs.

The decision to undergo infrared sauna therapy will have a resounding impact on your health, wellness, and improve your life experience in all areas. Choosing to bring an infrared sauna into your home is a declarative action that demonstrates that your now ready to under go massive transformation from the inside out.

The warm rays of the infrared light spectrum will invite you in to bask in their frequency, while you enjoy a multitude of health benefits. Most likely, you will be spending a lot of time in your health oasis.‘s infrared saunas are the ultimate expression of thousands of years of heat therapy evolution: Handcrafted, these units marry the ancient wisdom of heat therapy with state-of-the-art technology.

Infrared saunas are best understood as light baths, although the infrared spectrum of light is invisible to the eye, the vibrational field of this warm light will encompass the entirety of your being. The frequency of light is coherent with the molecular structure of the epidermis and easily penetrates beyond the initial layers of your skin into the soft tissue of the body. As your body opens up to the healing light rays and finds attunement with the infrared light frequency you will want to ensure that the wood that encompasses this light bath is soothing for you.

After choosing what size sauna you would like to bring into your home you will want to choose your wood preference.‘s only uses eco-friendly wood, hand picked from the great Canadian forests. You will have the option to choose between Red Cedar and Hemlock. Both are lovely options and provide their own unique benefits. An infrared sauna is a substantial investment and it is advisable to take your time and choose your wood preference with as much information as you can acquire.

Learn some of the unique qualities of both Red Cedar and Hemlock to help you choose which selection would be best for you. As you understand the essential differences between your options, the right choice for you will become apparent.

The Red Cedar Tree: Aromatic Wood

Officially the Western Red Cedar Tree is commonly referred to as the Pacific Cedar, or ‘Giant Cedar’. As these trees are cultivated into lumber their name changes to reflect their rich aroma: Aromatic Red Cedar. The wood derived from the Red Cedar is highly valued for its deep red color and therapeutic aroma. This hardy tree is prized among wood workers as it does not rot and can be guaranteed to last a lifetime. Your‘s will come with a lifetime guarantee; this is possible in part because of the hardy wood with which the saunas are constructed from.

The Western Red Cedar is included in the cypress family, which encompasses most cedar subspecies; it is in actuality more closely related to the Junipers. The aroma of red cedar is used in aromatherapy both as burned incense and as an essential oil.

The Red Cedar And Aroma Therapy

Red cedar trees comonly used to build infrared saunas

Red Cedar is used in a variety of forms of aromatherapy all around the world. Aroma therapists believe that inhaling the heated Red Cedar transmits messages to a specific region in the brain known as the limbic system. This portion of the brain influences the autonomic nervous system responsible for creating states of relaxation. Proponents of aromatherapy suggest that the aroma of the red cedar as it is inhaled through the heated wood may have several biological effects including: lowering blood pressure, inducing states of relaxation, and increasing immune function. saunas have been mindfully created to induce a full sensory experience to powerfully draw you into parasympathetic states (rest and relaxation) where deep healing can occur. The aromatherapy of Red Cedar will compliment the immersive infrared sauna therapy experience to further call you into states of relaxation.

The soothing effects of Aroma Cedar augment the all-encompassing cascade of health benefits derived from infrared sauna therapy. In addition to the pulmonary benefits derived from Himalayan Salt that lines the walls of the sauna, the medical grade light therapy, and of course the rays of infrared light, the aroma of the Red Cedar will also sculpt your experience into a deeply therapeutic and relaxing one.

The Red Cedar is an excellent option for your personal infrared sauna; this wood will last a lifetime and continue to provide the soothing affects of its unique aroma. This hardy wood is also beautiful in color: Ranging from a deep red to violet color, this wood will entice the eye and provide a visual addition to your home.

If your tastes are bold and beautiful, without a doubt the Red Cedar will be the wood for you!!!

Canadian Hemlock: The Subtle Choice

A basswood tree, which is a common high quality choice of wood to use when constructing an infrared sauna

The Canadian hemlock has a subtle feel as a wood where as the Red Cedar is bold. Hemlock, when cultivated into lumber is hardy and will last a lifetime. provides you with the choice between Red Cedar and Hemlock, both wood choices will offer a lifetime guarantee but the sensory experience of these two woods will be polar-opposite.

If you are looking for an odorless wood, then Hemlock is the obvious choice for you. If you are sensitive to aromatherapy, or for any other reason do not want to experience emanating scent from your infrared sauna, then choose the odorless Hemlock.

This inconspicuous wood will blend into your home as the color resonates as a pale white or a light brown. In stark opposition to the deep hues of red and violet from Cedar wood, Hemlock will blend into your home with an innocuous presence.

If you are looking for an odorless infrared sauna with a subtler coloring then Hemlock will serve your purposes perfectly. If you choose Hemlock and later wish to incorporate the aromatherapy of cedar into your experience you can always bring the essential oil of Cedar into the sauna with you or light some Cedar incense.

For those individuals who are highly sensitive to scent, Hemlock will be a better option for you. The soft color of Hemlock will blend into your home without making a statement!

Red Cedar vs. Hemlock: Bold And Beautiful Or Subtle Elegance

Ultimately, the wood you choose for the structure of your sauna is a personal choice. The bold among you looking for deep, rich color with accompanying aroma will want to choose Red Cedar. For those looking for an inconspicuous wood will be pleased with the odorless and softer color of the Hemlock.

Your journey into infrared sauna therapy will be transformative from the inside out. Your health and wellness will reach new heights as you reap the cascade of health benefits available through exposure to the infrared wavelengths.

Both Hemlock and Red Cedar will last a lifetime, as you choose your wood for the structure of your sauna you will need to decide if you want to enjoy the accompanying aroma therapy of the Red Cedar scent coupled with the bold and beautiful color, or if you would prefer an odorless wood with a subtle color, if this is the case, than the obvious choice for you is Hemlock.

You will be spending a lot of time in your health oasis, your infrared sauna will become an intricate part of your home and daily life, choose the wood that best serves your needs. Either Red Cedar or Hemlock will provide a safe and transformative structure to contain the healing rays of infrared light. Enjoy your journey and curtail your choice of wood to optimize the experience you have with your sauna.

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