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Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Saunas

What is the maximum temperature that the saunas will reach?

Our saunas reach a maximum temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Please keep in mind that infrared light is a radiant heat and higher temperatures are not always needed for all individuals.

How long does it take for the saunas to heat up?

Depending on your desired temperature, saunas take between twenty minutes to forty minutes to heat up. Infrared light is healthful and beneficial even when the temperature is not extremely high, and most individuals will get into the sauna before desired temperature is reached.

Can you place your sauna outside?

No, our saunas are for indoor use only.

Can you go to the sauna while you are pregnant?

When pregnant it is always best to consult with your doctor before engaging in any sauna therapy.

Can you sauna with prosthetic/ silicone breasts?

It is best to consult with the surgeon who performed your breast augmentation surgery. There is simply not enough data surrounding this issue to affirm or deny the safety of using saunas with silicone breast implants. Anecdotally, many individuals report no adverse effects, however, it is best to consult with a medical practitioner before using a sauna with breast implants.

What is the difference between a far infrared sauna and a full spectrum sauna?

Near and far infrared light both abide within the spectrum of infrared light, however, many infrared saunas include only far infrared light. A full spectrum infrared sauna will include both near and far infrared light as well as chromotherapy which encompasses the visible color light spectrum as well. This means that a full spectrum sauna will offer the healing benefit of light from 400 nanometers through 1300 nanometers.

If you’re unsure whether a far infrared sauna or a full spectrum sauna is right for you we can help you find the sauna that is the best fit for your needs.

Will infrared light give me a tan?

No, your infrared sauna does not affect the coloration of your skin in the way that UV (ultra violet) light does. Tanning beds utilize an entirely opposite spectrum of light from infrared saunas and contain UV light frequencies which are very short wavelengths. UV light frequencies are located on the light spectrum before visible color light and are responsible for a ‘sunburn’ or ‘tan’. Learn more here.

Do I need an electrician to change the outlets in my home?

Depending upon the size of the sauna you choose, you may require the help of an electrician to change the outlet and breaker in your home to accommodate your sauna. Smaller saunas, in general, do not require the help of an electrician, however, the larger models will.

You will want to have a dedicated circuit available wherever you will be plugging your sauna in.

Will my sauna be delivered inside my home?

No, your sauna will be delivered curbside and you will need to be home when the delivery occurs. The sauna will be delivered in boxes placed on a palette, and two able bodied adults will need to be able to carry the boxes inside your home. Each of the product pages for our saunas has information on the number of boxes that unit will arrive in, along with the total weight of the sauna.

Can I assemble my sauna by myself without a professional?

Yes, it is more than reasonable to expect two able bodied, strong adults to assemble the sauna without the need for a professional. (Insert Instructions page). Sauna assembly does not require additional tools, and is relatively simple provided all individuals involved are fairly strong.


  • Near/Mid/Far Infrared
  • Himalayan Salt Walls
  • Chromatherapy
  • Low EMF Carbon Heaters
  • Premium Bluetooth Speakers
  • All Non Toxic Materials
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