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Is it Too Late to Begin Using a Sauna? Find Out How Infrared Sauna Use May Positively Affect Geriatric Syndrome and Frailty

There is a plethora of positive data regarding the impact that sauna bathing may have on longevity and healthspan. If you have already reached your golden years you may be wondering if it is worth beginning a sauna bathing protocol, or if you have simply missed the window of opportunity.  A recent study examined the… Read more

Can Sauna Bathing Really Lower the Risk of Dementia?

If you could prevent the onset of dementia in yourself or a loved one, would you do so?  For most people the answer to this question is a resounding YES! A multi-author peer reviewed study published in 2020 that investigates the possibility of preventing dementia. A wide spectrum of the Finnish demographic demonstrates compelling evidence… Read more