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Recover Faster After Workouts: A New Study Reveals Infrared Saunas As Highly Effective Muscle Recovery Tools

Professional athletes who depend on the speed of recovery post workout for the purpose of peak performance will certainly benefit from incorporating infrared sauna use directly after training sessions. Even individuals who are not professional athletes, but are still lifting weights several times a week and engaging in cardiovascular training, will benefit from the use… Read more

Bone Density and Sauna Use: Bone Metabolism, Heat, and Longevity

Bone density and the health of bone tissue has wide reaching effects on overall well being as well as on longevity. It is easy to forget that bone is an ever changing, evolving, living tissue that is directly impacted by its environment. Furthermore, bone tissue is in constant relationship with other systems within the body:… Read more

Can Sauna Use Aid In the Production of Human Growth Hormone?

Stronger bones, faster muscle repair, and improved metabolism are just a few of the results from Human Growth Hormone (hGH or GH) release, and excitingly there are a few low cost, and minimal effort activities that each person can do to enhance hGH production. Among these activities is using a sauna regularly, however, if you… Read more