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Can Sauna Use Help To Treat Candida Infections?

At some point in most people’s lives they have had to face the dreaded yeast infection. For the most part, these minor infections can be solved with over the counter antifungal creams or oral antifungal medications.

Some individuals live with candida in the digestive tract, sexual organs, or mouth without ever even knowning that this fungus has taken up residence in their body. Others may notice Candida after a course of antibiotics or a stressful life event as this delicate balance of Candida in our body can be affected by external factors like antibiotic treatment, diet, etc.

While some types of yeast infections may prove to be treatable with foods high in positive bacteria such as acidophilus like yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, and other foods. Some people have even reported that eating garlic will get rid of the infection quickly, and that over the counter probiotics can help to restore balance. 

For many people with localized candida infections, they will treat the fungal overgrowth and move on with their lives with little thought or disruption to their lives. Candida can sometimes be more serious, however, particularly when it spreads into the bloodstream, critical organs, such as the heart and brain.

As reported by the CDC, an increasing percent of candida fungus growth has become resistant to drug treatments. This is an issue that can put someone in serious danger, and it becomes paramount that complementary treatments are sought to control the spread of the yeast infection in the body. (1)

Can sauna use be part of a treatment plan to combat a candida infection? First, let’s take a deeper look at Candida and its composition.

What Is Candida and How Is It Treated?

Candidiasis is a fungal infection that can affect many parts of the body and is caused by a type of fungus, colloquially known as yeast. In most cases, a candida infection is not dangerous, but can be very uncomfortable. The range of infections is vast with some not knowing they are infected and can also debilitating and very serious if candida infects the bloodstream, internal organs, heart and brain. 

The issue with candida is that some forms of infection have become drug resistant, which means that alternative remedies could be considered to relieve discomfort, and even, potentially save lives. 

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) defines candida as:

“Candidiasis is a fungal infection caused by a yeast (a type of fungus) called Candida. Some species of Candida can cause infection in people; the most common is Candida albicans. Candida normally lives on skin and inside the body, such as the mouth, throat, gut, and vagina, without causing problems. Candida can cause infections if it grows out of control or if it enters deep into the body. For example, it can cause infections in the bloodstream or internal organs like the kidney, heart, or brain.” (1)

Unfortunately, many individuals worldwide are living with drug resistant forms of candida, and this issue can cause serious health concerns. In another article published by the CDC this discussion continues to be alarming: 

“Resistance to another class of antifungal drugs, echinocandins, is particularly concerning. Echinocandin resistance appears to be increasing, especially in the species Candida glabrata. C. glabrata already has high levels of resistance to the antifungal fluconazole, and this resistance has remained fairly constant over the past 20 years, according to CDC surveillance data. Echinocandins are the preferred treatment for C. glabrata, and echinocandin resistance could severely limit treatment options for patients with candidiasis caused by C. glabrata.” (2)

Drug treatment is not the only way to treat candida and there remains hope for those living with chronic yeast infections. Lifestyle changes, a new diet, more exercise, and potential sauna use may be helpful in ridding the body of candida, even those types of the fungi that are drug resistant.

How Can Sauna Bathing Help Treat Drug Resistant Candida Infections?

  • Detoxification of heavy metals may help the body to release candida infections
  • Weight loss from the sauna may help to treat candida on the skin
  • Stress Reduction may help to reduce yeast infections
  • Improved Circulation will move fresh blood into areas affected by candida
  • Saunas may help to lower blood pressure to help reduce fungal infections in the body.

Sauna therapy may be an excellent alternative treatment to candida particularly when used in conjunction with certain dietary changes. 

According the the publication from Candida Diet, sauna use may play a pivotal role in treating patients living with chronic candida:

“The sauna’s role in detoxification is particularly relevant for those suffering from intestinal yeast overgrowth. The toxins released as part of the Candida albicans metabolism, including acetaldehyde, uric acid and more, contribute to a wide range of symptoms. Saunas can help to boost the detox pathways that will remove these and other toxins from your bloodstream.” (3)

A key element to removing unwanted candida infections from the body means making the body less hospitable for this fungal growth. One step toward ridding the body of yeast infections is to detoxify the body from heavy metals, and toxic pathogens that create an environment that is desirable for candida growth. 

All types of saunas, including infrared saunas, are powerful vessels of detoxification that rely on the body’s natural ability to regulate internal temperature through perspiration. By eliminating unhealthy toxins from the body, and regulating the internal environment, there is less opportunity for yeast to thrive.

Accordion to Candida Cure Center, infrared saunas may be the missing key to treating and recovering from chronic Candida infections: 

“Under the right conditions, some of them, such as Candida Albicans, overgrow and become pathogenic. They secrete extremely poisonous chemicals in our bodies such as alcohol and acetaldehyde. Many of these infections are caused and exacerbated by mercury and copper toxicity, problems that also resolve with sauna use. Yeasts, mold and fungi all tolerate heat poorly, making saunas ideal to keep them under control.Infrared Saunas are highly recommended as part of a holistic CCWS Candida Treatment Protocol.” (4)

In addition to detoxification protocol, saunas provide an opportunity for the body to enter into deep states of relaxation. Relaxation not only feels good, but it is necessary to boost immunity and the body’s natural defenses against harmful fungi, such as candida. Long term stress prohibits the body from engaging the full capacity of the immune system, and if it becomes too difficult to find states of relaxation eventually infections, including yeast blooms will spread and degradation of the body ensues.

A sauna can provide an ideal environment for the autonomic nervous system to enter into states of relaxation at the same time as providing a profound protocol of detoxification. 

Furthermore, candida can live on layers of skin that fold over due to obesity. For some individuals, a cardiovascular workout is out of reach and it may seem impossible to shed excess weight that is contributing to the body being a hospitable environment for yeast infections. 

Turning to sauna therapy is a relatively effortless way of losing weight, which in turn may help to settle some candida infections. Due to the sauna’s ability to stimulate the cardiovascular system to mimic exercise, circulation is improved and healthy blood flow is brought through all portions of the body. 

Saunas May Be A Part of a Holistic Treatment To Reduce Candida Infections

Saunas are a viable means to treating candida, particularly those types that are drug resistant. In addition to sauna use, a change in diet, and other lifestyle factors working in conjunction are ideal. Saunas may not be the only answer, but certainly the confounding factors of detoxification, relaxation, and weight loss afforded by regular sauna use will go a long way in winning the battle against candida.

It is always best to consult a medical practitioner if you are living with chronic candida and before beginning a sauna treatment program. Even if you have a drug resistant form of candida, there is still hope to remove this fungus from the body and live a healthy life. Consider incorporating sauna use into your holistic treatment of candida.

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