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Infrared Sauna Therapy For Detoxification

Eliminate Harmful Pollutants From The Body For Longevity, Health, And Vitality

Most likely, you have heard the word detoxification in many different contexts. As this buzzword has gained prevalence and popularity even amongst mainstream cultural norm, it has become more of a banality.

When words or phrases become cliché it is important to look beyond the hype of the theorized buzzword and into its depth and importance for health and wellness.

Detoxification of the body occurs naturally through elimination, so in fact we are all daily detoxifying the body of waste products. So, why has the word gained so much notoriety from health gurus? Is it more than just a fad that will slip away from center stage?

Cultures around the world and throughout history have turned to a variety of purification protocols to cleanse the body and to find commune with a higher power. From colonics, to spiritual bathing, to a variety of heat therapies, such as the Native American sweat lodges, humans have been looking for ways to cleanse the body of impurities since before recorded history.

Despite its prevalence in the health and wellness industry and seemingly cutting edge persona, detoxification protocols have been a part of human experience for millennia. As the population of our planet grows, coupled with the advent of industrialization, we as a global community are exposed to increasing amounts of pollutants in our external environment. Additionally, as the food industry creates more processed foods and with fruits, grains, meat and vegetables treated with chemicals and growth hormones, the need to detoxify the body is at an all time high.

Born from ancient traditions of purification through deliberate perspiration, infrared sauna therapy presents an opportunity to cleanse the body using state-of-the-art technology to foster the natural ability to eliminate harmful toxic build up from within.

What Does Detoxification Mean?

infrared sauna heat therapy detoxification

Detoxification means to actively remove toxic substances from the body. This deliberate cleansing and purification of the body moves beyond the natural process of elimination to proactively rid the body of harmful pollutants to achieve heightened health, vitality, and wellness.

There are a variety of modalities available to detoxify the body. For example, fasting relieves the body of the energy necessary to digest food and creates essentially a clean slate. Actively ingesting juices and teas that propel the colon to eliminate the build up of substances along the walls of the small and large intestinal tract is an effective mode of purifying the digestive tract. Colonics are also used to draw harmful waste out of the system from the bottom up to detoxify the body.

While fasting and cleansing of the digestive tract can be great tools for detoxification, the modality of heat therapy to promote copious perspiration is, perhaps the most compelling means to release the body of harmful waste.

Since the discovery of fire, humans have turned to a variety of modalities to create heated structures that actively promote purification through sweating. To name just a few: Native American Sweat Lodges, Turkish Haman (steam Rooms), the Roman and Greek Bath Houses, and the traditional Finnish Sauna are all modalities of heat therapy that are used with the explicit intention of cultivating internal heat to release toxins in the body through sweat (1).

The skin is the largest organ in the human body; the unique human quality of perspiration allows harmful toxic substances to be released through the membrane of the skin.

Purification of the body through sweating is not only easy, it is also relaxing and enjoyable. Infrared sauna therapy draws on the wisdom of the ancient traditions of heat therapy and capitalizes on the advancement in scientific technology to create the ultimate detoxification protocol.

Why Is It Important To Detoxify The Body? What Are Some Of The Toxins That Need To Be Released From The Body?

“Give me the power to create a fever, and I shall cure anything”


The human body is bioaccumulative, meaning there is a natural absorption of substances in our external environment into the internal atmosphere of the physiological construct. An overload of toxic pollutants absorbed into the bloodstream, vital organs, and particularly into the fatty tissue of the body can weaken the immune system and wreak havoc on the autonomic nervous system (2).

When the body becomes overloaded with toxic substances chronic illness, fatigue, and lethargy can take hold. By actively detoxifying the body of harmful pollutants, it becomes possible to prevent the onset of chronic conditions including a variety of autoimmune disorders. Active detoxification can restore vitality, improve the physical appearance of the body by reducing the biological age, and augment energy levels naturally.

Infrared sauna therapy works to increase the internal core temperature of the body to create an artificial fever. This ‘fever’, will cleanse the body of invasive infection, as well as other harmful substances:

  • Bacterial Infection
  • Toxic metals (Cadmium, lead, mercury)
  • Chemical Food Additives (Pesticides and growth hormones)
  • Unbalanced Hormones (Adrenaline, lactic acid, and cortisol) (3)

Purifying the body of harmful toxins is necessary to maintain the health, and ultimately, the longevity of the body. The artificial fever induced through infrared sauna therapy will allow individuals to passively cleanse the body by capitalizing on the largest organ, the skin, to pass harmful substances out of the body.

Even when it is not noticeable to our conscious awareness, most individuals are actively fighting chronic bacterial infection within the physical body and all humans alive today are exposed to unhealthy chemicals in our food and air. In short, regardless of apparent health, all individuals would benefit from actively detoxifying the body. The most powerful protocol for purification available today is broad-spectrum infrared sauna therapy (4).

How Does Infrared Sauna Therapy Enhance Detoxification Protocol: The Dynamic Relationship Between The Infrared Light Spectrum And Human Physiology

Infrared light is a type of radiant energy existing within the invisible spectrum of light and cannot be observed by the human eye, yet can be experienced as heat. The color violet emits the shortest wavelengths, and on the far end of the color light spectrum exists red light that emits the longest wavelengths. The infrared light spectrum occurs between the microwave and visible light spectrum as the color red.

Near infrared light is found closer to the visible light spectrum and far infrared is found just after microwave frequencies. It is the proximity to the visible light color red, that infrared owes its namesake. Infrared light frequencies range from shorter wavelengths (the near-infrared light) and as wavelengths elongate mid and far-infrared light become detectable.

Within the sun’s natural radiance exists the near, mid, and far-infrared light. The infrared sauna isolates this spectrum of light to create a chamber that becomes a ‘light bath’ when powered on. The harnessed infrared light within the structure of the sauna walls radiates warmth around and into the soft tissue of the body. This serves to increase the core temperature of the body to create an artificial fever.

Unlike a traditional sauna, the infrared light bath does not rely on high ambient temperatures, but rather infiltrates the body to increase heat from the inside out. This, in turn, encourages a depth of perspiration unparalleled by any other heat therapy modality. The powerful radiant heat absorbed by the body within the field of infrared light creates a cascade of health benefits beginning with ridding the body of harmful bacterial infections, heavy metals, and environmental chemicals.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Detoxification Protocol?

  • Glowing and smooth skin free from blemishes
  • Increased energy as strain from the internal organs is relieved
  • Better and more readily available deep sleep
  • Increased vitality as the body is freed from chronic internal bacterial Infection
  • Balanced autonomic nervous system
  • Increased immune system function

With the intensity of perspiration released during an infrared sauna session are there noticeable or tangible changes within the body? After just one broad-spectrum infrared sauna session there will be a remarkable difference to how you feel and look!

The Skin: Perhaps the most remarkable change that can be observed is the quality and texture of the skin after an infrared sauna session. Ultimately this cleansing practice will rid the body of harmful toxins from deep within, but it also cleanses the skin. This leaves the epidermis purified of bacterial based blemishes, clogged pores, acne, and the appearance of scars on the skin. As liquid is released through perspiration, the skin will appear taut and electrified (5).

Increased Energy As Strain Is Released From The Internal Organs: In a world inundated with toxic chemicals and metals, the kidneys and liver have to work overtime to cleanse the body. Through infrared sauna therapy, the organ of the skin takes on much of this burden by effortlessly detoxifying the body through perspiration. As toxins are released through the skin, the kidneys and liver no longer need to work as hard to process pollutants out of the body. After a few infrared sauna sessions, there will be a noticeable uptake of disposable energy as the kidneys and liver become less active (6).

Detoxification And Sleep: Hosting heavy metals and toxic chemicals in the body turn on the sympathetic (fight or flight) branch of the autonomic nervous system. In short, the body perceives a threat from these harmful toxins and turns on survival response to ward off the invasion. As stress response is activated, it becomes difficult for the body to find states of relaxation necessary for sound sleep. After each infrared sauna session, an individual will experience greater ease into deep states of sleep at night (7).

infrared sauna and sleep

Free The Body Of Chronic Bacterial Infection: Although, individuals may not be aware that they are host to bacterial infections, most are. The artificially induced fever of an infrared sauna session will flush the bacterial infection out of the body. This includes bacterial infection within the dental structure, bloodstream, and digestive tract. As the body rids itself from harmful bacteria, relaxation becomes easier to sink into and energy levels are higher as the body no longer needs to ward off internal infections (4).

Balanced Autonomic Nervous System: When the body is home to harmful toxins and bacterial infection, survival mode turns on and the body is drawn into sympathetic dominance. Naturally, the autonomic nervous system should fluidly move from survival into nurturing states (parasympathetic dominance), but when the body constantly perceives an invasion of toxic substance within, it adopts a state of fight or flight. Through the powerful detoxification protocol of infrared sauna therapy, the body no longer identifies a threat and is easily able to sink into states of nourishment, rejuvenation, and regeneration to build health and vitality (8).

Increased Immune System Function: A body ripe with toxic substances will enlist the aid of the immune system to fight off the invasion from harmful substances. This constant state of protection can throw the immune system out of balance, as it is no longer able to discern what are healthy and unhealthy elements within the body. Eventually, a host of autoimmune disorders may emerge, as the immune system is no longer able to discern invasive and natural substances within the physiological network (9) (10).

The cascade of health benefits available through the rigorous detoxification protocol of infrared sauna therapy will improve the vitality of the body, encourages deep sleep, and will provide a beautiful youthful glow for the skin.

Detoxification Protocol: More Than A Fad, A Necessary Component To Healthy Living And Longevity

Many environmental factors produce harmful toxins to the bioaccumulative human body that are often beyond the individual’s control. Given the industrialized state of our world, it becomes paramount that each person does what he or she can to eliminate harmful pollutants from the body to promote health and vitality. Although the food industry continues to sell products laced with chemicals and pesticides and the air we breathe is sometimes filled with harmful gases, it is possible to create a safe and healthy internal environment within the landscape of the body.

By engaging in a regular infrared sauna therapy routine (at least 15 minutes, three times per week), it is possible to passively rid the body of harmful toxins to promote both quality of life as well as longevity.

By capitalizing on the largest organ of the body, the skin, coupled with the infrared light spectrum’s ability to induce an artificial fever, detoxification within this framework becomes both relaxing and also powerfully eliminates harmful substances from the body.

Become the sovereign authority over your own body and choose to create the ultimate internal environment within the body to promote health, vitality, and longevity by enjoying the relaxing experience of infrared sauna therapy!!!!



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