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Infrared Sauna Therapy And Heavy Metal Detoxification Protocol

With many of the technological conveniences of modern living there are some downsides to our heavily industrialized world. Among the most significant symptoms of contemporary life is the prevalence of heavy metals in the air, food, water, and many consumer products.

Heavy metals may be highly destructive to health and are also found everywhere. Regardless how vigilant an individual may be in their lifestyle and daily choices, it can be difficult to avoid the accumulation of heavy metals. All is not lost, however, heavy metals are easily extracted from the body through specific detoxification protocols. 

Significant research by the National Institute of Health suggests that the unique quality of radiant heat experienced during an infrared sauna may effectively relieve the body of harmful heavy metals. 

Explore what heavy metals in particular may be harmful to health, how to detect their presence in your body, and finally active steps you can take to detoxify the body from their loaded impact on vitality.

What Are Heavy Metals And How Are They Accumulated In The Body?

  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Arsenic
  • Cadmium

Metallic elements with heavy atomic weight that also boast a density that is five times higher than that of water have been given the name heavy metals based on their weight and density!

The prolific use of heavy metals in technology, medication, domestic structures, agriculture, and  industrial use, means that they are ubiquitous and somewhat inescapable. (1)

Due to their omni presence, heavy metals in the body are accumulated over time through environmental exposure; from food, polluted water, industrial airborne chemicals, pharmaceutical medication,the containers that carry food and beverage, the paint on the walls of buildings, and even tooth fillings. Most humans alive today have some level of heavy metal poisoning depending on geographical location and lifestyle choices. (2)

While all humans need certain heavy metals to maintain balance within the body, such as zinc, manganese, copper, iron, and chromium, an excess may cause damage to the body. Conversely the wrong types of heavy metals absorbed into the body may eventually degrade health. 

Particularly harmful heavy metals to be aware of are cadmium, mercury, arsenic, and lead.  None of the aforementioned metallic elements have any known benefit to human physiology. (2)

While considering heavy metal poisoning please remember that even the most vigilant of citizens, who are cautions of what they eat, the products consumed, and even where they live, are all collectively subject to the absorption of toxic metals by virtue of being alive on planet earth today.

While there are some measures each individual can take to reduce exposure to heavy metals, such as ensuring that our homes and offices are free of lead based paint, drinking bottled water, choosing to eat organic food, living in cities or places that have less industrial chemicals in the air, at the end of the day most are in the same boat.  Toxic levels of heavy metals exist in the body.

The good news is that through concerted detoxification protocols it is possible to safely rid the body of harmful metals. 

Why Are Heavy Metals Harmful To The Body And What Type Of Symptoms Or Diseases Develop With Over Accumulation?

A man, suffering from too many heavy metals in his body

Once absorbed from the environment heavy metals are stored in the soft tissues of the body and over time begin to erode certain physiological systems, including organ function. Particularly challenging are the stress that heavy metals place upon the liver and kidneys, specifically designed to filter out foreign or toxic substances from the body.

The growing rate of over 80 varieties of autoimmune disorders appears to be in direct relationship to growing exposure to heavy metals. (3) While heavy metal absorption may not directly cause certain chronic conditions, certainly their presence in the body depletes not only organ function, but also signals the autonomic nervous system into states of stress response. 

Symptoms from over exposure to heavy metals varies significantly depending on the intensity of absorption. For most it is the slow rise of the heavy metal toxicity within the body that overtime erodes immune function, the balance of the endocrine system, as well as positive organ function.

Typically illnesses that evolve as chronic conditions may not be diagnostically related to heavy metal exposure.  However significant clinical data reveals that through both hair mineral testing, as well as the measuring of metals present within perspiration, there is certainly a causative, or correlative relationship to heavy metal exposure and specific chronic conditions. (4)

According to Dr. Lawrence Wilson, MD: 

“This question hardly needs answering for many people. The threat of environmental pollution, food, air, and water contamination and from other sources is the highest it has been on the planet earth for thousands of years, at the very least. The main reason is industrialization.” (4)

Regardless of how vigilant a person may be at avoiding heavy metal absorption, it is ultimately too difficult, if not impossible to avoid. Therefore, given the ubiquitous nature of heavy metals the issue at hand is how can heavy metals safely be detoxified from the body?

How can we safely release Toxic Heavy Metals From The Body?

An in-depth study performed by the National Institute Of Health on the topic of: “Arsenic, Cadmium, lead, mercury and sweat” demonstrates that not only can toxic metals be released through heavy perspiration, but moreover, the means by which the body is heated played a relevant role in successfully detoxifying the body. (3

The study took samples of sweat released from subjects both as a result of exercise, sauna bathing, and infrared sauna bathing. (3) While all forms of raising the body’s temperature to intentionally release sweat demonstrated levels of heavy metals in perspiration, due to the radiant nature of infrared heat, this means of thermal therapy was more successful at inducing detoxification than any other method.

So, why is infrared light capable of producing more heavy metals in sweat than any other means of raising the body’s temperature?

If you recall from earlier in this article, heavy metals are stored within the soft tissue of the body. Ambient heat successfully raises the body’s temperature to induce sweating, particularly the mid and far infrared light spectrum.  Due to the frequency of wavelengths emitted, this light is able to penetrate deeply into the soft tissues of the body. 

It is the very nature of the deeply penetrative rays of mid and far-infrared light that is able to successfully heat the body from the inside out. This mechanism allows for stored heavy metals in the soft tissues of the body to be released through sweat. (3)

Not only is it possible to rid the body of harmful heavy metals, there are specific means to doing this, that are more impactful. Radiant heat emanating from the infrared spectrum may be more successful at achieving detoxification from heavy metals than any other heat therapy mechanism.

Creating Healthy Tissues & Organs With Detoxification Protocol

 Human blood cells benefiting from detoxification protocol,  which can be initiated during infrared therapy

Given the heavy burden placed upon the systems of the body through heavy metal overload, it is no wonder that the internal organs almost immediately demonstrate high function after an infrared sauna session. (5)

An enormous pressure is placed upon the cleansing and purifying organs of the body such as the liver and kidneys.  Through sauna bathing individuals are able to capitalize on the largest organ of the body, the epidermis, to cleanse the system from heavy metals. 

Many individuals will notice a shift in available energy after just a few weeks of regular infrared sauna bathing as the internal organs are relieved from processing and eliminating heavy metals. 

Further, high doses of heavy metals within the body’s systems keep the autonomic nervous system in sympathetic dominance as it senses the heavy metals as an external threat. When the autonomic nervous system remains in stress response, hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline are released, which serves to only further compound the toxic overload. 

Infrared sauna therapy may be a viable means of detoxifying the body of heavy metals.   It is also a powerful force in transitioning the autonomic nervous system out of stress response back to states of relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Even with great vigilance surrounding where we live, the water we drink, and the food we consume, there is little the modern citizen of planet earth can do to avoid the accumulation of heavy metals.

Infrared Sauna Therapy To Detoxify The Body Of Heavy Metals

Contemporary living means that heavy metal accumulation happens, with virtually every industry affecting the high levels of environmental metallic elements. Regardless of how dedicated an individual may be to avoiding heavy metals in their food, water, and consumer products it’s accumulation is bound to happen.

The National Institute Of Health’s study reveals that all forms of sweating will aid in the detoxification of heavy metals from the body.  Moreover, this groundbreaking research reveals that the nature of the radiant heat of infrared sauna bathing demonstrates higher levels of heavy metals in the sweat as mid and far infrared light is able to steep itself into the soft tissues of the body where heavy metals accumulate.

While air, food, water, and products may be contaminated with heavy metals, the advent of the availability of infrared sauna therapy may be an ideal solution to detoxify the body.

*** Anytime individuals are engaged in activities that produce copious sweating it is important to hydrate well before, during, and after the activity. Further, due to the power of infrared sauna therapy to detoxify the body, it is well worth considering re-mineralizing the body of healthful substances such as selenium, zinc, and magnesium. While profuse perspiration relieves the body of harmful toxins, so too are many healthy minerals lost.

Considering consuming mineral water after your sauna session. The bottled water Gerolsteiner boasts over 2500 minerals per 1.5 liter and may be a great option to rehydrate and re-mineralize after your sauna session.

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