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Why You Need an Infrared Sauna for Your Home

Human physiology is composed of 50 trillion cells each awakening to the beckoning call of the warm rays of infrared light.

The gentle warm rays of the infrared light spectrum have a magical impact on health and wellness, both in the treatment of specific and very serious conditions, as well as for augmenting overall health. Modern medicine can quantify the powerful and exponential impact that this spectrum of light has on the molecular and cellular structure of human physiology that is responsible for the cascade of health benefits reaped through infrared sauna therapy.

Finding a broad spectrum infrared sauna near you is easy: they can be found in gyms, spas, hotels, and in boutique infrared sauna venues all around the developed world, probably easily accessible to you in your own neighborhood.

So, why have an infrared sauna in your home?

If you are already familiar with the astounding myriad of health benefits of infrared sauna therapy, then you may be wondering if it is worth investing in an infrared sauna for your home. Whether you are using infrared sauna therapy to treat a specific condition or are interested in using infrared saunas to improve your overall health then it is well worth understanding the value of bringing one into your home.

With so many available public venues where you can use an infrared sauna, then why is it valuable to have one in your home?

Understanding the exponential benefits of infrared sauna therapy on your health with regular, consistent, and continuous use will help shed some light on the importance of bringing an infrared sauna into your home. Infrared sauna therapy as a treatment method is inclusive and holistic; this means that the time spent in your sauna becomes a part of your daily experience. The benefits of infrared sauna therapy are compound: the more regular the use, the greater the payoff.

Unlike traditional saunas, the value of investing in an infrared sauna for your home is far-reaching: Beyond the generous payback in health benefits, it is also more cost effective to have an infrared sauna in your home, it is safer, cleaner, and more convenient. The therapeutic infrared sauna benefits of relaxation from the comfort of your home are immeasurable.

Compound Health Benefits With Regular Infrared Sauna Use: The Importance Of Having An Infrared Sauna In Your Home

The relationship between the infrared light spectrum and human physiology is vast and complex: affecting every cell of the body. Human physiology is composed of 50 trillion cells each awakening to the beckoning call of the warm rays of infrared light. The cellular response to the deeply penetrative rays of infrared light causes a great cascade of benefits to the body’s vascular, endocrine, and musculoskeletal systems.

All 50 trillion cells that compose your body contain mitochondria, essentially an energy plant for the cells. Mitochondria are sensitive to all light but particularly sensitive to the infrared light. The mitochondrial response to the infrared light spectrum is the causative factor in creating a plethora of astounding changes in the biochemistry of the body. The absorption of infrared light into the soft tissue of the body sparks heightened ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) production. Consider ATP as the energy currency of health.

As the body becomes rich in ATP, all facets of health are improved. The continuous convergence of light into usable energy (ATP production) in each and every cell of the body is responsible for our ability to function in a physical form. As we begin to understand ATP as the currency of health we can consider the analogy of economic currency. In order to become financially rich, there needs to be regular deposits of money into the bank account that is greater than the withdrawals made. Similarly, the greater the production of energy in the body compared to the energy output, the greater the health will be.

For most of us, every day we go to work and earn money that is then deposited into the bank, wealth is accumulated because the deposits are greater than the withdrawals.

So, how does currency relate to having an infrared sauna in your home?

Remember that ATP production is heightened by exposure to the infrared light spectrum in the enclosed area of the infrared sauna. This molecular response is the primary mover into health from illness. By having an infrared sauna in your home, and using it daily or even bi-daily you will be creating greater ATP wealth and therefore health.

Infrared sauna therapy is effective when sessions are regular and sustained consistently over time. In order for health benefits to be long-lasting, continued exposure to the infrared light and therefore more ATP production is necessary. In order to truly reap the health benefits available through infrared sauna treatments, sessions need to be regular over time.

By having an infrared sauna in your home you can effortlessly step inside the light bath of your infrared sauna and make regular deposits of ATP wealth into the biochemistry of your body. Ideally, you will be using an infrared sauna at least three times a week, but hopefully more. Infrared saunas are safe to use up to two times a day, provided the body has had some time to acclimatize to the heat and is well hydrated.

Infrared sauna therapy is not a one-shot deal, but rather a lifestyle choice; this is why you need to have an infrared sauna in your home for this treatment method to be truly effective.

The Infrared Light Spectrum Is Food For The Cells Of The Body And Therefore Necessary To Consume Regularly For Optimal Health

Now that you understand the powerful impact of infrared light absorption for the heightened production of ATP, consider the analogy of food consumption. You do not eat once a month or even once a week, rather nutrition is built by eating every day. The same is also true for the absorption of infrared light into the body.

Health is optimized through regular infrared sauna sessions and if you are looking to manage or cure acute conditions of the body through infrared sauna therapy then you will want to engage sessions frequently. This is made easy by having an infrared sauna in your home. Do you eat out at restaurants every day? Most likely not, every home comes equipped with a kitchen so that food can easily be prepared from the comfort of your living space. Once a profound understanding is made of the impact of infrared light on the body’s ability to produce energy than you will want and need to have an infrared sauna for your home.

You will feed the cellular structures of the body through exposure to infrared light on a regular basis and therefore experience the astounding impact that this light spectrum has on the biochemistry of the body. Feed your cells daily the rich nutritious rays of infrared light (just as you feed the body food) by having an infrared sauna in your home.

The Cleanliness Factor: Limit Exposure To Harmful Bacteria By Having An Infrared Sauna In Your Home

Profuse perspiration occurs in infrared saunas. This powerful detoxification method rids the body of harmful toxins and pollutants. Puddles of sweat will be left in the infrared sauna after each and every use. Public infrared saunas are therefore highly susceptible to bacterial bloom, as different individuals will sweat profusely in these small enclosures. Likely, public venues hosting infrared saunas will have the rooms cleaned after each session, but how well and what products are being used?

By having an infrared sauna in your home you can cut down on the risk of exposure to harmful bacteria from other people’s sweat. Further, you can clean your own sauna and be thorough in the process as well as use non-toxic cleaning agents.

No one wants to sit in another person’s sweat; it is risky business sharing the small space of an infrared sauna with the public. The intention of using infrared saunas is to improve health and it is, therefore, counterintuitive to sweat prolifically in shared spaces with the public and risk exposure to harmful bacteria.

It is cleaner and therefore safer to have a personal infrared sauna for your home. Reduce the risk of exposure to harmful bacteria from other people’s sweat in potentially unclean public infrared saunas and make the investment of an infrared sauna for your home and secure your safety.

Personal Infrared Saunas For Your Home Are Cost Effective: A One-Time Investment

Investing in an infrared sauna for your home is a one-time purchase and in the long run less expensive than buying single session uses at spas and gyms. Although the initial investment will be higher than purchasing a month-long membership to an infrared sauna boutique you will ultimately spend less money by having an infrared sauna in your home.

Consistent, regular infrared sauna sessions will have a greater impact on your health and wellness, which means that you will want to use your infrared sauna at least three times a week. As you explore the pricing of public infrared saunas and compare these prices to the one-time investment of an infrared sauna you will find that it will cost you less money to have one in your home.

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Here is a price list from a sample infrared sauna boutique spa:




 5 PACK $149

 10 PACK $249


4X/MONTH $89

8X/MONTH $159

Month UNLIMITED $199

Comparing these figures to the one-time investment of a personal infrared sauna for your home clearly indicates that over the course of 18 months using an infrared sauna at least three times per week will ultimately be more cost-effective from your home.

In addition to the financial factor, an infrared sauna in your home is safer and will provide you with easier, more relaxing and convenient access to your health oasis.

Convenience And Relaxation: The Time Of Day That You Take Your Infrared Sauna Session Matters

With one eye barely open, roll out of bed, power on your infrared sauna and sip your morning beverage as you prepare to step into the inviting light bath that is your personal infrared sauna. Medical professionals suggest that the benefits of infrared sauna therapy are greater when taken first thing in the morning upon waking and the last thing before bed.

It is untenable to expect that you can make your way to a public venue to take your infrared sauna session first and last thing of the day. Because infrared sauna sessions will become an integral part of your day it is challenging to make an appointment every time you want to take an infrared sauna, particularly early in the morning and late at night.

As the component of relaxation and transference out of stress response is a key component in the efficacy of infrared sauna therapy it is import to ensure ease in your experience. In addition to the challenge of making appointments and driving to public venues to take your infrared sauna, there is also the real fact that nudity makes us more vulnerable. You will be naked or mostly naked when you take your infrared sauna, most venues, will require that you move from the infrared sauna to the shower area in a shared space, even if you are very comfortable with your body there is some element of stress involved in this level of vulnerability in public.

Enhance the element of relaxation by having an infrared sauna in your home. Walk freely from your infrared sauna to the shower without worrying about who you will see on your way!

The luxuriant relaxing quality of having an infrared sauna in your home cannot be overstated. Slipping a robe on and moving from your bed to your infrared sauna is deeply nourishing. As infrared sauna therapy encourages states of relaxation as a means to leave prolonged states of stress response behind and therefore illness it is important that you can take your sessions in a relaxed environment at home.

Choose Your Personal Infrared Sauna For Your Home Based On Quality Control: Not All Saunas Are Created Equal

Not all saunas are created equal: In fact, there is great variance in the quality of infrared saunas available on the market today. Understanding the different choices available will give you the ability to choose the safest infrared sauna that also produces the highest results.

Due to the variance in quality and therefore the price of infrared saunas means that many commercial businesses offering infrared sauna therapy to their clients will choose the most cost-effective units, that are not necessarily the most effective or safest.  Often infrared saunas that are less expensive will use toxic, low-cost building materials that will eventually harm your health through off-gassing when the units heat up.

As you choose to augment your health through infrared sauna therapy, it is counterproductive to sit inside sauna units that are off-gassing poisonous substances. Many gyms and spas attempt to increase revenue while decreasing the cost of equipment to create the greatest profit margin. Chemically treated wood and low-grade glue used tin the construction of the wood parts of an infrared sauna will begin to off-gas as the unit is heated.

Your health should not come to you at a potentially lethal cost. Businesses intending to increase revenue by purchasing low-grade infrared saunas and charging high prices for single use sessions are found in gyms and spas throughout the world. By investing in an infrared sauna for your home you will have the freedom to be selective in the brand of infrared sauna you choose.

Further, EMF (electromagnetic radiance) emissions are higher in cheaply built infrared saunas found in many gyms. Excessive exposure to high levels of EMF emissions has destructive results on your health. Please, be mindful to choose an infrared sauna that is tested for EMF emissions and is willing to make public the results.

Choosing to have an infrared sauna in your home allows you to educate yourself on the different manufacturers of infrared saunas and to select the one that will best serve your health. Ultimately you are the sovereign power over your own health, as you choose to journey through infrared sauna therapy be sure to be thorough in your research and choose the manufacturer that creates saunas using eco-friendly wood and high-grade glue with little to no detectable EMF emissions.

You do not need to be the victim of businesses trying to create a high-profit margin at the cost of your health. Bring an infrared sauna into your home and ensure that you will be using the highest quality unit: This will put the power of your health back into your hands.

Why You Need An Infrared: You Deserve Optimal Health At Your Fingertips

The infrared light spectrum is fuel for the cellular and molecular structure of the body; it is for this reason that the cascade of health benefits derived from this treatment modality is so powerful. Feeding the cells of the body the nourishing infrared rays of iwill become a paramount part of your every day.

When the profound impact of this invisible light spectrum on the cellular network of the body is truly understood you will be excited to take an infrared sauna once or twice daily. When daily infrared sauna sessions become a natural part of your expression you will need to have one in your home. You will need to have an infrared sauna for your home in the same capacity that you need a shower and a kitchen.

Regular infrared sauna sessions will improve your overall health and address the management needs of specific chronic conditions. Ultimately, you deserve to live a rich, healthful life full of energy.  With an infrared sauna in your home, you are just a few steps away from optimizing your health. Investing in an infrared sauna with a lifetime guarantee will save your pocketbook, not to mention, the safety and health benefits. The luxury of stepping into your private infrared sauna within the comfort of your home will become a necessity, and this is why you need an infrared sauna ifor the home.


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