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Health Benefits Of An Infrared Sauna

Deep within the wellspring of the symphonized orchestra are well-tuned instruments, played by trained musicians all collaborating to create perfectly synchronized, harmonious vibrations that resound as profoundly moving pieces of music.

Human physiology, like an orchestra, is a complex dynamic system of creation. All parts of the body need to be in optimum health to fully and harmoniously synchronize with each other. Infrared saunas fine-tune the sub-cellular and cellular network of the body’s systems to create optimal harmonious and fluid synchronicity in abundant health.

Unification of the ancient wisdom of sauna therapy with contemporary technology has given birth to one of the greatest tools in modern medicine: The infrared sauna.

Steeping the body in the warm hues of the infrared sauna creates health in the totality of the physiological system

The cascade of health benefits derived from regular use of a broad spectrum infrared sauna is an effective healing modality because it treats the human organism, as a single operative network to create a domino effect of health throughout the entire organism.

Network Physiology: A Dynamic Interplay Within The Human Body

Abundant health and wellness can only be reached when the human form is viewed and treated through the lens of integrated physiology. According to Harvard biologists, “The human organism is an integrated network, where complex physiological systems and organs, each with its own regulatory mechanisms, continuously interact to coordinate their functions, and where failure of one system can trigger a breakdown of the entire network”.

A profoundly respectful approach to human anatomy as a living network gives way for healing modalities that treat the body as an entire universe onto itself. creates ideal circumstances for the human universe to thrive, heal, and fully come alive in response to infrared light rays.

The miracle of the human form is best understood as a single operative organism, with many facets of complex systems, synchronized in their interactions with each other from the micro to the macro level.  The dynamic interplay of the body’s systems is paramount in developing an appreciation for healing modalities that treat the body holistically.

The human organism is in constant conversation with itself, perfectly orchestrating the melodic symphony of sub-cellular activity to create a fluid interplay of harmonious music. If one aspect of the system breaks down, the entire organism is affected; infrared sauna therapy interacts with the human mechanism as a single operative unit. The positive health benefits reaped from exposure to the infrared spectrum cascades throughout the entirety of the being.

The disease model of healthcare disparages the perfectly honed vessel of the human form. It is impossible to create health and wellness within the body from the perspective of disease. Disease never exists in isolation: If a particular organ or system is suffering within the body, it is necessary to treat the entire physiological network: Infrared treatment does just this.

Network physiology views human anatomy as an active, ever moving apparatus that is engaged in a constant dance with itself and the external environment. Fully animated, the body seeks harmonious communion with itself and its surroundings, this requires constant dialogue and exchange of information and product. Introducing the broad spectrum infrared light to the body’s network creates homeostasis at the molecular level that induces optimal health of the entire orchestra of the body.

Treating the totality of the human form creates great benefits experienced in all aspects of the individual: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

As we explore the multi-faceted health benefits of the infrared sauna on the human body it must be seen through the vantage point of network physiology, with the profound understanding that disease is never isolated and that true health and well-being resounds throughout every cell of the body.

Infrared Wavelengths and Network Physiology

Exploring the cascade of health benefits derived from the infrared sauna begins with understanding the interplay between the broad spectrum infrared wavelengths and human physiology. technology is the most evolved in sauna therapy currently available today, and provides an oasis for the dance between infrared light and the body to fully engage and synchronize.

Infrared wavelengths exist on the invisible spectrum of light and cannot be seen with the human eye, but can be felt as heat. The infrared light is able to penetrate deeply into the epidermis and therefore fully engage the body’s network. As the rays of infrared light burrow into the epidermis, the largest human organ, they heat the body up from the inside out. The body responds to both the heat and light to create an outpouring of health benefits from using the infrared sauna.

Human anatomy viewed from the perspective of an active living organism constantly in conversation with itself, gives way to an appreciation of the dance with its external environment. When the body is exposed to the healing rays of the infrared, the living anatomy invites the light into its network system creating a domino effect of health.

Improved Circulation: ATP Production

As the infrared light seeps beyond the initial membrane of the skin to penetrate into the soft tissue of the body, the cellular mechanism responds in excitement. The human form is comprised of 50 trillion cells, each cell in the body has what could be considered an, ‘energy plant’: the mitochondria, where ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) occurs. The mitochondria are very sensitive to all light, particularly sensitive to infrared rays.  As soon as the body is exposed to infrared light, ATP production is exponentially stimulated.

As ATP production increases in response to the infrared light exposure, nitric acid is released, which hyper oxygenates the hemoglobin. The freshly oxygenated blood cells begin to flow throughout the body like a fast moving river.

Inflammation in the body occurs due to a lack of oxygen in the injured area. Within minutes of entering into your sauna, ATP production increases oxygen in the blood creating better and faster flowing circulation of the blood throughout the body and reduces inflammation of injured areas.

Injury Recovery Is Exponentially Faster With Exposure To Infrared Light

Girl Doing Yoga
  • Bone Fractures
  • Tendentious
  • Ligament Ruptures
  • Muscular Tears

Increased circulation, stoked by heightened ATP production with exposure to infrared light creates blood that is hyper-oxygenated and full of nutritious life affirming substance that easily flows into injured areas of the body and reduces inflammation. Reduction of inflammation stimulates the repair of muscular, ligament, tendon and skeletal structures.

When inflammation occurs around an injured part of the body it becomes like a dam in the body’s network. Conversation and communication is stunted, thereby inhibiting healing.

Exposure to the broad spectrum of infrared light engages the mitochondria of each cell and is the catalyst for faster moving, full-bodied blood to gush through the system of veins and decreases inflammation to injured joints, muscles, and bones, thus opening the body’s network to healthy communication and interplay.

Fractured bones, torn ligaments, tendinitis, and ruptured muscles all find faster recovery times from exposure to the infrared light waves. Oxygen rich blood streams allows for greater circulation that stokes the bodies natural reparation mechanism.

Cardiovascular Health

Exposure to infrared heat induces vasodilation, the expansion of blood capillaries that powerfully augments blood flow. As blood flow increases, it causes the cardiovascular system to engage and the heart rate rises to keep up with vasodilation. After 15 minutes inside the sauna the body begins to receive all the benefits of vigorous exercise as you passively sit in relaxation. offers an opportunity to powerfully engage the cardiovascular system of the body for individuals unable to perform physical exercise due to injury of any kind. Improved cardiovascular health promotes a healthy, fit heart, which is essential to the wellbeing of the entire human form.

Promote Ideal Weight And Healthy Body Composition

  • Burn Calories
  • Engage The Cardiovascular Network
  • Stabilize The Endocrine System
  • Balance The Thyroid Gland
  • Promote Adrenal Health

Many factors induce excess weight and fatty tissue in the body. It is difficult to find optimal health when the body is carrying a surplus of weight. The human organism needs a stable weight in order for longevity and quality of life to occur. Often the root cause of unwanted weight gain is actually related to the endocrine system, and the manifestation of ill health within that network of the body.

Although it is true that the over consumption of food high in artificial sugar and unhealthy fats found in junk food can contribute to unwanted weight gain coupled with lack of exercise, very often the root cause of weight gain can be found in the malfunction of the endocrine system.

Regular use of the infrared sauna will stabilize the endocrine system and allow for the body’s natural regulatory network to function at its very best. When the thyroid and adrenal glands are fatigued and stressed it is impossible to find the ideal body composition to support the skeletal structure. As the endocrine system becomes more efficient, it is unlikely that the body will be out of balance in excessive fatty tissue.

In addition to optimizing the health of the endocrine system, regular use of the infrared sauna engages the cardiovascular network as well as the sweat glands inducing a state inside the body likened to vigorous exercise and upwards of 600 to 1000 calories are burned per sauna session in a 15-50 minute period.

Regular use of a sauna will induce regulation of weight within the body by providing support to the endocrine system as well as an intense cardiovascular workout without any of the damaging effects and hazards of exercise.

Reduce Fatty Tissue And Increase Lean Muscle Mass

Accelerated production of Human Growth Hormones experienced through thermal therapy also reduces the occurrence of fatty tissue in the body. Human Growth Hormones are anabolic hormones that simultaneously increase lean muscle mass and decrease fatty tissue. As you enter into deep states of relaxation in your sauna and watch your cares fall away, your body is being transformed into a leaner, more muscularly sculpted form, free of unwanted fatty tissue.

Increased production of Human Growth Hormones through sauna therapy induces muscular repair and rejuvenation at faster rates. The increased muscular repair experienced in the sauna will allow you to return to work outs with more frequency, ultimately giving way to a more sculpted and muscular physique.

Brain Function: Increase Clarity And Precision Of Thought

Man Holding String of Lights in Front of His Face

Induce neurogenesis, the manufacturing of new brain cells, through exposure to heat stress or heat shock in a controlled environment. Thermal therapy promotes neurotropic factors, which in turn support growth and development of neurons within the central nervous system.

As the brain is replenished with new neurons through neurogenesis, focused attention and heightened intellectual function comes with great ease. After the sauna you will ‘feel’ a profound shift in intellectual activity and a deep precision and ease of thought flow.

Prevent and Reverse Brain Degeneration Disease

  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

Formulation of new brain cells during and after the sauna session allows an already healthy brain to function at a higher level, the same is also true of individuals suffering from brain degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Parkinson’s disease.

The devastating effects of brain degenerative diseases for both patients and their families are unprecedented in hardship. The exposure to heat and the infrared spectrum during sauna sessions fosters neurological repair, this fact creates groundbreaking opportunities of recovery for patients and their families who suffer from brain degenerative diseases.

Reduced Risk of Type II Diabetes

Increased insulin sensitivity with exposure to the broad spectrum of infrared light, greatly reduces the risk of type II diabetes. Thermal therapy is scientifically proven to help patients suffering from impaired insulin sensitivity. The time spent in a sauna session creates an internal climate akin to aerobic and anaerobic exercise thus lowering blood pressure and increasing circulation for individuals unable to perform vigorous exercises that work both the aerobic and anaerobic system.

Release Toxic Pollutants

  • Adrenal Health
  • Kidney Support
  • Liver Disease Prevention

Capitalize on the body’s largest organ: the skin, to detoxify harmful substances such as cadmium, nicotine, alcohol, lead, nickel, mercury, lactic acid and more. By increasing the body’s temperature the skin pores open up to profuse sweating. Through intense sweating the body easily rids itself of harmful substances, relieving strain on the internal organs.

Toxins are generally processed through the internal organs, namely the kidneys and liver. By inducing copious sweating in the body, more toxins are released through the skin pores, thereby alleviating the pressure on the internal organs. As the kidneys and liver have to work less to process pollutants in the body, you will immediately experience more energy in your everyday. After a sauna session the body will be more energized and a feeling of lightness resonates within, free from toxic overload.

Anti-Aging and Skin Rejuvenation

Biological age is a fluent expression malleable and effected by internal and external environmental stimuli both to decrease and increase vitality within the human organism. Clearly, chronological age, meaning the year you were born, does not change, but how vitality is expressed both internally and externally can be altered naturally.

Cellular exposure to the near infrared wavelength induces a heightened production of collagen. Collagen is responsible for the elastic quality of the skin. As individuals age, collagen production decreases and with it so does the elasticity of the skin. Regular infrared sauna therapy will increase the youthful appearance of your skin through increased collagen production.

In addition to increased collagen production, detoxification through profuse sweating gives the skin a glowing appearance as old dead skin cells fall away to bring fresh new ones to the surface.

Similar to diamond-dermabrasion therapies, the infrared sauna helps to exfoliate the whole body. Not only does the heat induce the shedding of the first layer of skin cells to reveal fresh new layers below, the newly exposed skin is plump with collagen!!!!

Through exponential renewal and rejuvenation of the cellular network of the body coupled with collagen production, regular use of a sauna will produce a more youthful biological age.

Transference of The Autonomic Nervous System

  • Deep Sleep
  • Adrenal Fatigue and Burnout
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Fatigue

Bountiful and abundant relaxation is the foremost gift offered from the infrared sauna to the individual. Beyond, the emotional and mental experience, why is relaxation so important for the body? It is thought that stress is the leading cause of disease, when the body is unable to find rest and relaxation it is unable to rejuvenate and repair itself at the cellular level.

You have probably heard of adrenal fatigue before and may not understand the physiology behind the diagnosis. This diagnosis is particularly threatening, as it is ground zero for many autoimmune illnesses. If the adrenal glands are able to find rest and rejuvenation then a great array of diseases can be prevented.

When the autonomic nervous system is in sympathetic dominance (fight or flight) the adrenal glands, two pea sized glands that sit above the kidneys, begin to excrete cortisol into the body. This excretion is helpful when there is real danger and the individual has to respond with enormous effort. The issue of concern is that modern life, produces many stressful stimuli to the system that is not actually life threatening. It becomes very difficult to transfer out of sympathetic in to parasympathetic (states of relaxation) dominance.

When the adrenal glands are over taxed for long periods of time without reprieve, stress induced diseases emerge. Relaxation is not only a luxury it is a necessity. A sauna, through the broad spectrum infrared light, will gently coax the body out of fight or flight into relaxation as the cells open up and expand under the warm hues of the light wavelengths.

Regular use of the infrared sauna is both preventative and a potential cure for autoimmune disease. Patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue will experience an immediate relief from discomfort with use of the infrared sauna and over time as the body is easily able to slip into parasympathetic dominance, the condition will draw back leaving the patient healthy and full of life.

An Oasis Of Health And Vitality

The network of complex, dynamic systems within the human structure are malleable and pliable and shift and change in response to healthy external stimuli. To bathe in the warm hues of an infrared sauna is to coax every network of human physiology back into harmony. As the broad spectrum infrared rays spark the cellular organization of the body, they begin to dance and move in perfect synchronicity opening the body’s channel to robust communication with itself.

The body may express many distinct diseases depending on the individual, but as a single operative organism the body responds to broad spectrum infrared wavelengths in unity and harmony. The warm hues of light from an infrared sauna free the body from pain and illness so that it may partake once again in the melody of its symphonic orchestra of abundant health and wellness.


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