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Can I Use Essential Oils In An Infrared Sauna?

The use of essential oils in your sauna can help to create a more relaxing, spa-like experience when you use your home infrared sauna. If you are trying to create this experience at home, you may be wondering how best to use your oils in the sauna in the most safe, effective manner possible.

Ways To Use Essential Oils In Your Sauna

Cordless Diffuser

There are a variety of cordless diffusers available on the market that would be a good compliment to your sauna and surround you with soothing vapors.

Uplifting Blend – 2 drops wild orange, 2 drops lime, 2 drops tangerine essential oil in your favorite cordless diffuser.

Essential Oil Mist

You can dilute your oil of choice in water and create a misting spray to use in your sauna.

Calming Spritzer – Use 3 drops lavender, 1 drop ylang ylang and 1 drop wild orange essential oil to 120 ml (4 oz.) distilled water. Shake well prior to spraying. Use to mist face and body.

Infused Towel

Another refreshing option is to infuse essential oils with a damp towel to use to wipe your sweat while in the sauna. You will want to be careful with your oil selection when using this method as some oils can be irritating when the skin is warm and your pores are open. You will want to also be mindful of your sensitive eyes and nasal openings when wiping your face with an infused towel.

Chamomile Delight – Before entering the sauna add a few drops of chamomile essential oil to a damp towel.

Topical Application

You may opt to use your oils directly on your skin. While this can certainly be done in an infrared sauna, we do urge you to use caution when using your oils in this way as the heat of the sauna will open your pores and could potentially cause skin irritation.

Breathe Easy Massage Oil – 1/4 cup of fractionated coconut oil, 4 drops lavender essential oil, 4 drops eucalyptus essential oil, 12 drops frankincense essential oil.

** Please note: If you regularly diffuse essential oils in your sauna you will want to make sure to clean your sauna more regularly to prevent any buildup from the oils on the wood or heating components. Our article How To Clean Your Infrared Sauna has helpful tips on the best ways to keep your sauna in pristine condition.

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