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How To Clean Your Infrared Sauna

One the many benefits of having an infrared sauna in your own home, is that you are able to ensure it is cleaned thoroughly using non-toxic solutions. It is easy to keep your home sauna a healthful and safe environment free from potentially harmful bacterial bloom.

A few tips to clean your infrared sauna will guarantee that this space remains a sanctuary of health and wellness. Keeping your infrared sauna clean does not require any special tools and substances. A cloth, warm water, natural soap, white vinegar, and a vacuum are all you will need!

How To Clean Your Infrared Sauna After Each Session

As you are aware, a lot of sweating takes place in the infrared sauna chamber. As the body releases toxic build up through the pores, puddles of sweat accumulate on the bench, backrest, and floor of the unit. It is important to clean the surfaces where you sit as well as anywhere you sweat after each session.

The wood on the interior of your sauna has been kiln dried and not treated, making it resistant to absorbing odors and retaining moisture. Because of this, you can opt to leave your sauna turned on for an additional 5-10 minutes after your session and simply allow your sweat to dry. In this case, you will want to do a deeper cleaning on a monthly or weekly basis.

How To Deeply Clean Your Infrared Sauna

On a weekly or monthly basis you will want to clean your infrared sauna thoroughly. This will require that you vacuum the interior of the sauna using the hose end of your vacuum to reach less accessible areas. Thoroughly clean all surfaces inside of the sauna, the floor, walls, bench, and backrest with warm water and a gentle soap. Go over the same areas a second time with just warm water.

To clean these surfaces effectively you will need a bucket of warm water mixed with a gentle, non-toxic soap that will not irritate your skin. Mix the solution of warm water and soap, soak the cloth in the solution, and gently wipe down the surfaces inside of the infrared sauna. Pour the bucket out and fill it again with warm water. With a new cloth, wipe down the surfaces once again. This should be done after each and every session.

You may also wish to clean the inside and outside of the glass doors, particularly if your hands left marks around the door. To clean the glass you will need a spray bottle mixed with water and white vinegar. Use a dry cloth, spray the glass with the white vinegar solution and wipe down the glass.

Green Living, from National Geographic, recommends that the white vinegar and water solution be composed of 50% water and 50% distilled white vinegar. We prefer an even gentler solution using lemon juice, but again, the choice is yours!

A deep cleaning will help maintain the safety of your infrared sauna and allow you to simply clean sweat affected surfaces during the week to make it quick and easy.

How To Maintain The Cleanliness Of Your Sauna For The Long Term

Maintaining a clean infrared sauna for long term.

By following the above protocols for cleaning your infrared sauna you will be contributing significantly to the long term cleanliness and look of your unit.

If over time, you find that puddles of sweat stain the wood you can consider addressing this issue by using the following method: Obtain a light 220 grade sanding pad. With a very a gently pressure you will be able to easily sand the stains off.

This method will not be needed often but if every few months you notice a stain developing this is a quick and easy to use trick.

You may want to clean the outside of your infrared sauna quarterly. Moving the entire unit away from the walls to access any accumulated dust. At this time you may wish to clean the external walls and ceiling with a damp cloth.

Quickly And Easily Clean Your Infrared Sauna For A Lifetime Of Enjoyment And Health

Your infrared sauna is made to last a lifetime; regularly cleaning the unit with care will ensure that it continues to be a lasting space of healing and rejuvenation.

Remember, that it is important NOT to use potentially toxic chemical cleaners. You do not ever need to use bleach or chemical floor cleaners. Warm water, a gentle soap and white vinegar or lemon are the only substances you will need. Keeping your infrared sauna chemical and toxin free will enhance the benefits of this therapy.

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