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Infrared Sauna Therapy For Anti-Aging To Reduce Your Biological Age

The Fountain Of Youth Can Be Found In A Warm Glow Of Light Bathing You In Cellular Transformation

“The anti-aging movement refers to the expression of biological age rather than the reversal of chronological age. The human body is a dynamic and ever changing organism in constant communication with its environment. Every second 10,000 new cells are regenerated. And every hour, the heart pumps 280 liters of blood. The body is a canvas of change that is highly susceptible to factors within its environment. “

Getting older happens. Every year the earth orbits around the sun, another year passes, and the maturation of our physical body occurs. Aging is not the issue, but rather how we age is a blank canvas upon which we can tell our own story.

There is a fundamental difference between our chronological age, meaning the date of our birth, and the biological age expressed through every cell of our body. Most likely, you have observed that individuals express age in distinctly different ways regardless of having spent the same number of years on the planet.

So, why does the expression of age vary substantially from one individual to the other? Is there science behind the differences or is it just left up to genetics?

Understanding human physiology as a dynamic and active organism in constant conversation with its environment both internally and externally begins to unveil the secret to looking and feeling younger.

Environmental factors affect the quality of cells that are replicated.  Reducing biological age can be catapulted with exposure to certain naturally occurring elements, without prescription pills or surgery.

Regular infrared sauna therapy supports the reduction of biological age by creating transformation at the molecular level of the body. The unique relationship between the infrared light spectrum and human physiology begins the domino effect of biochemical change necessary for biological age reduction. This all-natural treatment capitalizes on what is already occurring in the body to physically generate youthful and healthy cells.

Regular Infrared Sauna Therapy Supports The Six Primary Ingredients To Creating A Youthful Biological Expression:

·  Maintenance Of Telomere Length

·  Stress Free Living (as much as is possible)

·  Increased Collagen Production

·  Detoxification Protocol

·  Improved Circulation

·  Positive Cellular Regeneration

Defining Age: Chronological VS. Biological

The chronological age of an individual is fixed. Regardless of lifestyle, the year of birth remains unchanging, however the biological age expressed at the cellular level of the body tells another story altogether. Two individuals born on the same date and year can express a vastly different biological age due to variance in their lifestyle choices.

The anti-aging movement refers to the expression of biological age rather than the reversal of chronological age. The human body is a dynamic and ever changing organism in constant communication with its environment. Every second 10,000 new cells are regenerated. And every hour, the heart pumps 280 liters of blood. The body is a canvas of change that is highly susceptible to factors within its environment.

With so much dynamic movement occurring within the physiological network, the body is constantly being made new again through cellular regeneration. The body is composed of roughly 50 trillion cells. Over the course of 7 years the body is made completely new, and you are no longer the physical person you were before! (1)

So, how can infrared sauna therapy affect the expression of biological age?

Regular broad spectrum infrared sauna therapy may elevate several chains of biochemical reactions to produce a more youthful biological expression of age:

  • Augment collagen production, and therefore enhance elasticity through the skin membrane, bone marrow, as well as in the connective tissue of the body. (2)
  • Detoxify the body of potentially harmful pollutants (3)
  • Reduce stress response and draw the body into states of relaxation where cellular regeneration becomes exponential. (4)
  • Aids in the maintenance of telomere length (a factor strongly correlated to the aging process).
  • Improved Circulation (5)
  • Increase Cellular Regeneration (4)

Regular broad spectrum infrared sauna therapy will induce all of the above-mentioned factors to produce a younger and more vital physiological make-up to reduce the expression of biological age.

Sweat The Years Away: What Is A Telomere And How Does Their Length Effect The Biological Age Of The Body?

At the microscopic level a very important protein exists that plays a huge role in the aging process: Telomeres are the protein end caps of the chromosomes, essentially the bottle cap that seals the chromosomes at their base. Aging and the eventual death of the body occur as the length of these proteins shortens with each cellular replication. In any anti-aging protocol the goal becomes to secure the length of telomeres and so, preserve the youthful vitality of the body (6).

In a body that is chronically under stress, each time a cell replicates there is a loss in the length of the end caps of the chromosomes. Therefore the biological clock can be measured by the shortening of telomeres.

So, how can telomeres maintain their length through the passage of time?

There are two correlating factors to the maintenance of telomere length:

1.    Studies have shown that regular and profuse sweating secures telomere length (6).

2.     Abiding primarily in states of relaxation will promote cellular replication that maintains the length of telomeres each time cells are regenerated (4).

Gratefully, broad-spectrum infrared sauna therapy provides an opportunity for profound sweating to occur and is also the gateway from states of stress response back into states of rest and relaxation. The coupling of these two necessary factors to maintain telomere length will promote the reduction of expressed biological age.

Sweat the years away as you bask in the relaxing environment of the infrared sauna.  A study from Brigham Young University reveals that as long as you are willing to sweat, you can actually stop the clock on cellular aging by maintaining the length of telomeres!

Active regular sweating influences how cells replicate. Rigorous perspiration is strongly correlated to the maintenance of telomere length. Clinical researchers have found that adults, who actively sweat at least three times a week, have across the board, longer telomeres than those adults who do not sweat regularly (6).

Infrared sauna therapy marinates the body in deeply penetrative rays of light that seep into the soft tissue of the body to increase the internal core temperature. This unique form of heat therapy induces greater rates of perspiration and therefore powerfully maintains the length of telomeres.

Regular sweating will promote positive replication of cells within the body. Remember, the physical body is composed of around 50 trillion cells. When cells are youthful and healthy so is the entire body!!!

Augment Collagen Production With Regular Infrared Sauna Use

The enhancement of collagen production will improve the quality of skin, bone marrow, and connective tissue to offer a more youthful appearance and experience.

As collagen production is increased, it is not only a superficial appearance of more youthful skin, but rather the biology of the skin organ will be more vibrant and alive at a cellular level.

Collagen is a protein that supports your body’s tissues and ultimately keeps many of the physiological systems resilient to external stresses. Collagen occupies 80% of the dermis, the secondary layer of skin below the epidermis. Collagen strengthens the skin to keep it taut, firm, and connected, while elastin, another protein, allows the skin to stretch and bounce back.

Both collagen and elastin are the fibers that create the supporting structure of the skin. Youthful skin is plentiful in both these fibrous proteins; regardless of your chronological age, it is possible to bolster the health of these two fibers working in harmony to create healthy and aesthetically appealing skin.

Broad-spectrum infrared sauna therapy stimulates collagen production. The unique relationship between the near-infrared spectrum and the cellular network of the body will boost collagen production. Over time with regular infrared sauna sessions, the skin will rebuild high levels of collagen found in youthful skin (7).

While it is impossible to stop the clock, it is possible to reverse the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with regular infrared sauna use through enhancing collagen production.

Even if an individual chooses a surgical facelift to address the appearance of aged skin, it is still important to remember that the quality of skin matters. Regardless of other possible anti-aging treatments, healthy, vibrant skin is essential to a youthful appearance and infrared sauna therapy will effortlessly and safely provide this.

Collagen is important not only for the skin but also for the health of bone marrow and connective tissues. As age sets in, bones can become weak and frail and therefore more susceptible to breaking. As biological age is reduced through infrared sauna therapy, not only is the external appearance influenced, but also the entire body becomes strong and resilient.

As collagen production is increased the connective tissues are strengthened. This is important to prevent osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and general pain within the joints. Mobility is increased and therefore recreational activity can be enjoyed in a youthful and enriching manner.

Detoxify The Body Of Harmful Pollutants To Replenish Youthful Biological Expression

Infrared sauna therapy is among the most powerful means of detoxification. The deeply penetrative wavelengths of infrared light move into the soft tissue of the body to increase internal temperatures. In effect, the infrared light induces an artificial fever. A fever serves the body by disinfecting the internal mechanism of harmful bacteria and toxins.  Infrared sauna therapy has the same effect on the body as a naturally occurring fever, except that once you step out of the sauna internal temperatures are lowered once again.

The result of using the radiant heat of infrared light is that the core body temperature rises without the need for very high external temperatures, as is the case with traditional saunas. As the body absorbs the radiant heat from infrared light, the sweat glands are engaged to lower body temperatures and profuse perspiration occurs. As the body rids itself of liquid through sweat, it also releases harmful toxins from the body such as mercury, cadmium, lead, and other unwanted substances within the body.

The powerful detoxification protocol that occurs under the influence of the radiant heat relieves the stress of detoxification from the internal organs, namely the kidneys and liver. As stress is relieved from within, individuals will experience heightened levels of youthful energy.

Chronic States Of Stress Response Age The Body

Over time chronic states of stress response will take its toll on the body. Disease, infection, and ultimately a rapid expression of increased biological age occurs. An overview of the body’s reaction to stress and the ensuing biochemical chain reaction that occurs will help to understand how critical it is to find states of relaxation (8).

Without rest, relaxation, and recovery it is not possible for the body to repair itself, naturally an individual will begin to feel the effects of age sooner. Harvard Medical School published an article that succinctly explains the stress response process originating in the hypothalamus:

“The hypothalamus is a bit like a command center. This area of the brain communicates with the rest of the body through the autonomic nervous system, which controls such involuntary body functions as breathing, blood pressure, heartbeat, and dilation or constriction of key blood vessels and small airways in the lungs called bronchioles. The autonomic nervous system has two components, the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system functions like a gas pedal in a car. It triggers the fight-or-flight response, providing the body with a burst of energy so that it can respond to perceived danger. The parasympathetic nervous system acts like a brake. It promotes the ‘rest and digest’ response that calms the body down after the danger has passed.” (9)

This dynamic dance of the autonomic nervous system creates the ideal circumstance for the body to survive and thrive when in balance. Unfortunately, in the modern world the command center in the brain perceives threats to survival even when the threat may be illusory. From high-speed commutes on the freeway, to long work hours, to financial stress, all too often the body responds by entering into sympathetic dominance, essentially hitting the gas pedal. Chronic states of stress response cannot be sustained for long periods of time, and when this occurs the body is unable to regain homeostasis and return to states of rest, nourishment, and regeneration.

It is imperative for the health and longevity of the body that individuals can easily glide from fight or flight back into states of relaxation. The body can become stuck in survival mode as hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol flood the body.

So, how can an individual step out of chronic stress response back into parasympathetic dominance where nurturing and growth occur?

There are several tools that can be enlisted to ease this transition and one of the more powerful modalities is regular infrared sauna therapy. The experience of sitting under the warm glow of the infrared light spectrum will ease the body back into relaxation. Once relaxation is found, a cascade of reactions occur in the body to promote cellular growth and repair of the physiological structure.

Where there is increased cellular regeneration, the biological age of the body is reduced and individuals will glow from the inside out, radiating youthful vitality.

The most critical step any individual can take toward reducing the biological age of the body is to find states of relaxation. When the body is flooded with survival hormones it can be difficult to do this alone and that is why stepping into the light bath of the infrared sauna is such an important component in the reduction of biological age.

Improved Circulation Promotes A Youthful Glow From The Inside Out To Reduce Biological Age

Infrared light wavelengths exist on the invisible spectrum of light and cannot be seen with the human eye, but can be felt as heat. The infrared waves of light are able to penetrate deeply into and past the epidermis, and therefore fully engage the body’s cellular response. The radiant heat of infrared light burrows deep within the soft tissue to raise the internal temperature of the body (10).

Human anatomy viewed from the perspective of an active living organism constantly in conversation with itself, gives way to an appreciation of the dance with its external environment. When the body is exposed to the healing rays of the infrared spectrum, the living anatomy invites the light into its network system, creating a domino effect of health originating with improved blood circulation.

Improved blood circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients at faster rates to the vital organs, brain, joints, muscles, skeletal structure, and skin. A heightened level of oxygen running through the body reduces the occurrence of inflammation and therefore pain.

As the infrared light seeps beyond the initial membrane of the skin to penetrate into the soft tissue of the body, the cellular mechanism responds in excitement. The human form is comprised of 50 trillion cells, each cell in the body has what could be considered an ‘energy plant’, the mitochondria, where ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) occurs. The mitochondria are very sensitive to all light, particularly sensitive to deeply penetrating rays of the infrared light.  As soon as the body is exposed to the broad spectrum of infrared light, ATP production becomes exponential.

As ATP production increases in response to the infrared light exposure, this releases nitric acid, which hyperoxygenates the hemoglobin. The freshly oxygenated blood cells begin to flow throughout the body like a fast moving river (10).

Inflammation occurs in the body as a response to injury, stress, and illness. Where there is inflammation there is also a lack of oxygen. When the body is exposed to the infrared light spectrum nutrient and oxygen rich blood circulates at an improved rate through the body.

It can be imagined that the circulatory system is similar to rivers running throughout the body and that inflammation creates blockages to these rivers like a dam. Under the influence of the infrared sauna spectrum, circulation becomes fluid and moves through inflamed areas of the body carrying higher levels of oxygen to once restricted portions of the body. This movement of blood releases the dammed pathways and circulation becomes fluid once again.

Within just a few minutes of entering into an infrared sauna, ATP production increases, and oxygen production becomes higher. Blood circulation flows fluidly to restore the body back to homeostasis.

Increased fluidity of blood circulation demonstrated through regular infrared sauna therapy will promote both the appearance of youthful skin and also the experience of a youthful body full of vital energy!

The Power To Create A Youthful Physical Expression Is A Choice Worth Making

A person expressing their happiness on a sunset

The fountain of youth has long been an illusory and unattainable fantasy left to the fictional storyteller. As technology advances and begins to incorporate the natural benefits of light into instruments, the fountain of youth becomes less and less a mythical legend.

The time machine that reduces the biological expression of age in the body is a gentle experience of basking in the warm hues of infrared light within the container of a sauna. Infrared light naturally occurs within the radiance of the sun’s energy, but when it is isolated into a manufactured infrared light sauna, its cellular healing prowess becomes unparalleled.

If you could turn back the clock of your body, would you want to?

Regular infrared sauna therapy not only gives the appearance of a more youthful glow, but because it works at the molecular level, individuals engaged in this therapy also feel younger and better able to participate in activities that once brought so much joy.

Yes, aging happens, but how you choose to mature through the passage of time is up to you! Using an infrared sauna for 15 minutes, three times per week will begin to accelerate cellular regeneration, augment collagen production, reduce stress, maintain healthy telomere length, and improve circulation, all necessary factors to reduce the biological expression of age in your body!



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