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Guide To Infrared Sauna Use

Your Infrared Sauna At Home: Helpful Tips

Nestled into your home, your sauna has arrived and anticipation excites the body as you prepare to receive the multitude of health benefits derived from infrared sauna therapy. Understanding a few guidelines will allow you to maximize the enjoyment and health benefits offered through your sauna therapy.

Capitalize on’s technology by tailoring medical grade light therapy to your needs, optimize detoxification protocol through proper hydration, and learn how to keep your sauna clean and free from bacteria through correct cleaning procedures.

Your Infrared Sauna: A Light Bath

Understanding your home infrared sauna as a light bath, rather than a heated room, will aid you in understanding how to optimize its use. The great advantage of having an infrared sauna in your home vs. a traditional steam sauna is that little to no time is required to heat the sauna up. By simply powering on your infrared sauna, and stepping inside, you ensure the absorption of the healing light into your body’s network.

The infrared light spectrum is invisible to the human eye. Although you are not able to view the infrared waves filling up the structure of your sauna, you will experience it as a subtle heat. Imagine that you are stepping into a warm bathtub filled with orange and red hues of light that encompass your body. Once drenched in the light spectrum, the body immediately begins to absorb the light into the epidermal layer of the skin. The near, mid and far infrared light will seep into the layers of skin all the way down to the soft tissue of the body. Every cell in your body will be profoundly impacted by the absorption of the infrared light into the body’s network.

Regardless of the temperature you set, merely sinking into your light bath will have transformational effects on the body. Choosing to elevate the temperature of the infrared sauna is a personal choice. Higher temperatures will induce more profuse sweating, and therefore, greater detoxification.

Please do not pressure yourself to increase temperature prematurely before the body is fully adapted to the heat. Rest in the knowledge that exposure to infrared wavelengths is all that is needed to experience the benefits.

Setting The Temperature

Setting the temperature in an infrared sauna.

The temperature you set for your sauna is less important in the infrared sauna than it would be for a traditional sauna. Infrared wavelengths penetrate deeply into the skin’s membranes to find their way into the soft tissues of the body. Regardless of the temperature of the sauna, mere exposure to the infrared rays of light will have a profound impact on the body.

Turn your infrared sauna on 15 minutes before entering. Set the temperature to 100-120 degrees. Once you are comfortable in your sauna and adapted to the heat, begin to elevate the temperature. Finding a range of temperature that is comfortable for you will change over time as you acclimatize to the heat. Eventually, as you spend longer amounts of time in your sauna, begin to incrementally increase the temperature to as high as 176 degrees. Remember that exposing the body to near, mid and far infrared light will prompt cellular reactions even if the temperature is not high. You can safely set your temperature to 176 degrees after a few weeks of regular use (unless your medical provider advises otherwise).

Your Relationship With Your Infrared Sauna

Humans have turned to methods of heat therapy to cleanse the body, heal from disease, and to find commune with a higher power. How you choose to use your sauna is up to you. Some regular sauna users find that as the body relaxes with the warm hues of the radiant light bath, their state of mind and being change.

There is nothing like having health at your fingertips just down the hall in the form of a heated oasis. Your infrared sauna will become a pillar in your daily routine. Care for it, and it will care for you.

Medical Grade Light Therapy: Tools And Information To Maximize Your Time Under The Spectrum

Every infrared sauna comes equipped with medical grade light therapy. How you choose to use your light therapy will depend on your understanding of the effects that each color has on the physical body and energy field of your ethereal body and emotions.

NASA discovered that astronauts returning to earth after time in space without exposure to gravity experienced muscle and bone atrophy. To increase cellular production in the muscles and bones of the astronauts, it was discovered that the broad spectrum of light, in conjunction with exposure to near infrared light (used to activate the skin’s response to the colored light spectrum), was successful in stimulating cellular regeneration in the bones, muscles, and skin. The impact of broad spectrum medical grade light exposure to the greater populace was quickly uncovered in the treatment of cancer patients, burn victims, and individuals suffering from bone fractures.

In NASA’s technical report by Harry T. Whelan from the Medical Coalition of Wisconsin describes the benefits of light therapy:

“NASA LEDs stimulate the basic energy processes in the mitochondria (energy compartments) of each cell, particularly when near-infrared light is used to activate the color sensitive chemicals (chromophores, cytochrome systems) inside.”

The benefits of exposure to medical grade LED lights is not limited to patients suffering from serious burns, brain degenerative diseases and cancer but to anyone wanting to optimize health. The near infrared lights of your sauna activates the colored spectrum as you relax in the warmth of your at home sauna and effortless repair your skin, bones and muscles.

Medical grade light therapy coupled with infrared light exposure has the ability to heal serious skin lesions and scarring. The same principles applied to injured skin can be used as an anti-aging technique to reduce your biological age.

Depending upon your area of concern, choose to focus on correlating colors on your for longer periods of time while you relax in your infrared sauna at home!

Benefits Of Medical Grade Light Therapy On The Skin
Red: Anti-aging, stimulates collagen priduction, reduses fine lines and wrinkles, and increases blood flow, anti-inflammatory.
Orange: Lifts dull complexions, revitalizes, energizes, supplies healthy nutrients to the skin to faciliate radiany glowing skin.
Yellow: Tightens and tones facial and neck muscles, detoxifies and stimulates the sensory motor nervous system.
Green: Calms red skin, broken capillaries, anti-inflammatory, rosacea, traumatized skin, aids in fading pigmentation and eneven skin color.
Aqua: Increases oxygen to the skin cells, tones and firms the skin.
Blue: Softens thickened skin, plumps lines and wrinkles and soothes red inflamed patchy areas of the skin.
Violet: Antibacterial, purifies, treats acne and oily skin.

Hydration: Water, Water and More Water

Water hydration while using an infrared sauna helps with effective detoxification.

Once you have installed your infrared sauna at home, you will begin to use it regularly. Regular use of any heat therapy will aid in detoxification as the body is prompted into intense sweating. Be sure to prepare the body for the experience of an infrared sauna with proper hydration. Ideally, hydration should begin several days before taking an infrared sauna. Most people today do not drink enough water, so if you decide to undergo even a single infrared sauna session, consuming healthful water in high quantity is paramount.

At least three quarts of water a day should be consumed by someone engaged in regular sauna use. The infrared wavelengths, including near, mid, and far all penetrate deeply into the initial epidermis of the skin causing the body’s temperature to rise from the inside out. While this method of heat therapy is far more effective in its detoxification protocol, it also tends to cause dehydration easily if the individual is not properly hydrated before the session.

It is important to drink the best possible water; tap water with a filter is acceptable. Water that has been purified through osmosis is not adequate to hydrate the body. Bottled spring water, mineral water, or tap water with a filter will hydrated the body adequately in preparation for taking the sauna.

After each sauna session, be mindful of refueling with electrolytes if a lot of sweating occurred during the session.

Cleaning Your Sauna: Easy To Do!

After each sauna session, be sure to wipe down the benches, floor and any area with sweat. You will also want to leave the sauna on at temperature for another 10-15 minutes after your session so it can dry out.

When your session is done, be sure to take a shower.

For a deeper cleaning of your sauna, you may follow these steps:

  • In a spray bottle, use a diluted solution of white vinegar and water. Use 5-6 tablespoons to one pint of water. This will disinfect the areas where sweat has accumulated. Spray the seat and back rest with the solution and gently stroke the area with a moist cloth.
  • After using the diluted vinegar and water solution, wipe down the areas where you sat and rested your back with a warm clean and moist cloth.
  • Cleaning your sauna after each session will maintain a fresh and safe environment for you to use.
  • Vacuum your infrared sauna weekly to remove hair and dust. Once a week, clean the glass doors of your sauna.


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