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A Guide To Outsourcing White Glove Service For Your Sauna Assembly

If you are interested in purchasing a sauna, or have already done so, and require assistance in its assembly, what are some of the ways to go about getting your sauna set up using outside resources? Follow this general guide to ensure the best possible assembly! is not able to provide in-home assembly, or ‘white glove service’, but this does not mean you are on your own. Most of the saunas that we sell are relatively simple and easy to put together. The primary challenge for most is the weight of the saunas. 

The infrared saunas do not require tools to assemble and essentially are put together as if they were a three dimensional puzzle. The traditional saunas are slightly more complex and while the screws are provided with the sauna, you will require a screwdriver.

If you do not have two able bodied adults available for the assembly of your sauna, or simply do not have the time yourself to assemble the sauna, then there are options to get the help you need. 

Find A Handy-Person Or Furniture Assembly Help In Your Area

If you have decided that you would like to outsource your sauna assembly you will need to find a reliable and competent expert in your area:

  1. Begin by doing a yelp search for furniture assembly and ‘handyman’ in your area
  2. Find a company with a good reputation and rating.
  3. Once you contact the individual or company, explain to them what you would like to have done, and find out if this is something that they would be interested in doing. 
  4. You can send instructions for sauna assembly electronically, as well as videos that can provide for you. 
  5. Establishing the cost ahead of time is important. The cost for this type of labor will vary from state to state, but you can expect to pay somewhere between $400-$700. If there are stairs involved, you may be charged additionally for that.
  6. Set a time and date for your assembly and let a customer service representative at know that you have done so, and we can be available for consultation with your assembly person. 

Helpful Tips When Outsourcing Sauna Assembly

Once you have made the arrangements for someone to assemble

your sauna, it is important that they follow unpacking the sauna protocol. Keep the boxes, check for any possible damage to the sauna during transportation, and follow the instructions. 

Your owners manual will be in one of the boxes. If it is an infrared sauna it will be in a plastic tool kit in the roof, and if it is a traditional sauna, it will be in the same box as the bucket and ladle. It is important that the people helping you set your sauna up are meticulous with the unpacking, so as not to throw out smaller, but still important pieces to the sauna. 

If, at any time you or the individuals helping to assemble your sauna have questions, they are welcome to reach out to personnel at

It is fairly simple to make arrangements for your own white glove assembly service. It is important to follow a few basic steps to ensure its success so that you can start enjoying your home sauna as soon as possible!

Remember always that when you invite a stranger into your home for any reason, use discretion and do so at your own risk.

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