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What Is White Glove Installation?

A handy-man performing white-glove service on an infrared sauna

Here Is What You Need To Know To Help You Decide If This Service Is For You

As you consider bringing an infrared sauna into your home, you may be wondering what white-glove installation is and if you need it. There are several factors and variables that will help determine whether this is a service that you will need.

So, what is white glove installation?

White glove installation includes the services of bringing the infrared sauna into your home or business after delivery,  assembly of the sauna, and clean up of any remaining material afterward. This will allow you to enter your sauna and begin using it right away and receive all the health benefits without any fuss.

There are a variety of compelling reasons why someone would choose white glove installation for their sauna. Below you will find some reasons why white glove installation may be for you as well as what the process entails. 

Who Is White Glove Installation For?

  • Depleted physical strength due to illness
  • Living alone
  • Demanding schedule
  • Larger sauna model
  • Intention to place sauna down or upstairs, or a difficult region of your home or property to access

While it is certainly feasible to assemble a sauna without professional assistance, particularly the smaller models, it is necessary that two able bodied adults be available for fairly heavy lifting. If for any reason the availability of two able bodied adults is not an option, white glove installation may be for you!

Depleted Physical Body:

White glove installation is great for anyone whose body is depleted by illness. Many individuals turning to infrared sauna therapy as a healing modality do so because physical ailments necessitate it. In this case white glove installation of the infrared sauna unit would be ideal for this demographic. 

Living Alone:

It is necessary that two strong able bodied individuals be available for sauna installation. If for whatever reason a friend or helper is not available for the assembly of your sauna, it may be best to use white glove installation. 

Demanding Schedule:

Some individuals have very demanding schedules and it is not feasible to make time for a sauna assembly and installation.

Larger Sauna Models:

While smaller units are lighter and have a more straightforward assembly, larger models, particularly the serenity may be slightly heavier and more complex to assemble. Depending on the individual, and the sauna model additional challenges such as weight and shape may present a slightly more complex assembly. 

Sauna Placement In Your Home:

If you are planning to put your sauna in a basement or up several flights of stairs it may be beneficial to purchase white glove installation and have professionals do the heavy lifting. The placement of your sauna may influence your decision to purchase white glove installation.

What To Expect With White Glove Installation

Delivery of your sauna is separate from white glove installation. When you have your sauna delivered it will be placed outside your door on a palette. Once delivered you will be responsible for bringing it inside your home or business. 

If you choose to purchase white glove installation, a contractor or technician will come to your home and bring the sauna pieces inside to your desired location. They will take the pieces out of the packaging, assemble your sauna to the point that you will be able to simply power on your sauna and begin using it. 

White glove install will clean up any materials that are not used and remove from your property. This service is thorough and great for anyone who does not have physical strength, the time, or who has a difficult to navigate space. 

What Does White Glove Installation Not Include?

  • Electrical Work
  • Foundation Preparation (For example: leveling of outdoor space)
  • Building A Roof For Outdoor Use

While white glove installation is all-inclusive, it does not include any electrical work that may need to occur prior to your sauna install.  For example larger models require a particular type of power outlet. 

Further, as you prepare for the arrival of your sauna, you will want to be sure that a floor space has been made level and cleared. If you are planning to place your sauna outside, white glove installation does not include the clearing and leveling of terrain. 

If you are choosing to place your sauna outside you will need to ensure that the roof of your sauna is protected from moisture; Basic white glove installation will not include any construction of a roof.

Is White Glove Installation For You?

Ultimately the choice to purchase white-glove installation is a personal one and will depend on a variety of factors. If you are able-bodied, have help from a friend, and have purchased a smaller sauna unit, you may choose to install your sauna on your own. 

If there are other variable factors, such as health, or time limitations it may be simpler to purchase white glove installation. Either way, bringing an infrared sauna into your life is sure to enhance your health and overall quality of life!

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