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What Happens When You Buy a Used Sauna?

Saunas can be an expensive investment, and this means that some folks might start looking to purchase a used sauna. When deciding whether new vs. used is the best option for you, one important factor to consider is how most of the sauna industry operates when it comes to warranties. 

The sauna industry can be a fairly challenging landscape to navigate with so many companies purporting claims regarding important issues concerning health and potential detrimental risk if you buy from the ‘wrong’ company. These scare tactics are easy marketing techniques to lean into to try to sway potential customers into a purchase, but at the end of the day, as long as you buy a quality sauna, and actually use it, your own health will likely benefit tremendously.

If you have found a great deal on a sauna from social media platforms, or Craigslist, you may want to reconsider the situation for the following primary reason: Company Warranty.

Are Sauna Warranties Transferable Between Individuals?

Before you purchase a used sauna from a neighbor, friend, or an internet-based sales platform, you should know this: The vast majority of product warranties on saunas are NON-Transferable between original owner and future owners. 

This warranty that is created upon the original purchase of the sauna is an agreement between the company and the purchaser; not the company and the sauna.

If you are purchasing a used sauna, you will most likely not be entitled to the original warranty that accompanied the sauna. 

Before purchasing a used sauna, call the sauna company directly to find out if the warranty is transferable to the second owner. If it is not, you may want to consider buying a new sauna with your own personal warranty. 

What If You Already Purchased A Used Sauna?

If you have already purchased a used sauna, or have inherited one, and are finding out the sauna needs repair, the onus of these fixes will most likely be on your shoulders. If this is the case, the good news is that most saunas are designed to be user friendly and most parts can be purchased from the manufacturer directly. Which means that most issues can be solved as a ‘do it yourself’ project, or by an electrician or local handyman. 

If the manufacturer is unable to provide the necessary replacement parts, then you can always go to for many sauna-related items, including for traditional saunas

Sauna parts are expensive, so before buying a used sauna, keep in mind that replacing parts can be costly and, sometimes, almost as much as if you purchased a sauna new.

New Saunas vs. Used Saunas: The Warranty Matters 

Even though a used sauna may look very tempting to buy, it is not always the optimal choice. To ensure that you are getting a sauna that comes with a reliable warranty, you will want to purchase directly from a company, not a second-hand reseller. The issue with purchasing a used sauna is that most manufacturers have a warranty between the original buyer, not with the sauna itself. 

If you do decide to purchase a used sauna, be prepared to replace any parts at your own cost as the guarantee of the sauna will likely be non-void once it changes hands from the original owner. 

Among many decisions that need to be made when buying a sauna, consider the challenges inherent in purchasing a used sauna. It is definitely worth the investment for your health and longevity to bring a sauna into your home, just make sure you take your time purchasing the right one, and always ask lots of questions during the shopping process!

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