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The Warranty

There are a few simple steps to ensure that your warranty will be activated and honored. 

All of the saunas available from come with a five year warranty, which includes all of the componentry of the sauna, with the exception of the sound system (the sound system has a separate one year warranty).

  1. Delivery: Upon receiving your sauna from the delivery company, please be sure to inspect the outside of the boxes to ensure that no damage has been incurred during travel from the warehouse to your home. 
  2. Unboxing: Please follow the unpacking instructions that will be sent to you before the arrival of your sauna. After unpacking your sauna if you notice any damage, please take photos of the damaged parts and send via email to your customer service representative. 
  3. Warranty Card: In the ceiling of your sauna, you will find a plastic tool kit that contains the Owner’s Manual and Warranty Card. 
  4. Complete The Warranty Card: Write down the serial number of your sauna, as well as the date of purchase. Mail your warranty card back to the address written on the card. We also suggest taking a photo of the warranty card in case it is lost in the mail.
  5. Warranty Claims: In the unlikely event that any portion of your sauna ceases to function properly, please take photos of those parts that are not working and send them to your customer service representative who will help you with your claim. Action to resolve the issue will be taken. 

By following these simple steps you can ensure that the warranty on your sauna will be honored, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our customer service representatives.

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