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Medical Grade Chromatherapy Lights for Your Sauna

chromatherapy lights

Many Home Saunas Come Standard with Medical Grade Chromatherapy Lighting

Whether you are suffering from seasonal affective disorder or just want to boost your mood a bit, chromatherapy is a powerful tool to help stimulate your body in to a different state.


The color red has been shown to increase energy and get the body in to a more excited state. If you are looking to be invigorated, this would be an excellent choice alongside your sauna session. Red can also help promote faster healing by stimulating collagen cells.


Yellow is associated with increased optimism in the context of light medicine. This color is generally associated with more spritual work, and many looking for a more ‘connected’ feeling will use yellow for its grounding properties.


The color green is well-known to be a healing, calming and relaxing color. Again, for SAD sufferers, this can be a very powerful color in the spectrum to use as a treatment protocol. If you are looking to calm your nervous system and tap in to more clarity, try incorporating green in your next sauna session.


By combining combines the calming properties of green and healing properties of blue, turquoise can be a very powerful color for chromatherapy. Some ancient traditions believe the use and adornment of the color turquoise can enhance your courage and strength – why not give it a try!


When we think of ‘the blues’ we tend to think of depression, however, the good news is that the color blue is actually known to help relieve depression. The use of blue in light therapy is also being explored in more depth to assist with inflammation, blood pressure, headaches and more! If you’re unsure what to try for your first chromatherapy session, blue is an excellent choice.


Individuals suffering from chronic pain tend to find they have the most relief with the use of purple light when compared to other colors in the spectrum of healing chromatherapy lighting. Personally, I find purple to be the most calming and soothing of all of the colors, and it is my go-to for most sauna sessions.

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