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Infrared Sauna Buying Guide

Infrared Sauna Buying Guide: Find Out Everything You Need To Know Before Investing In An Infrared Sauna For Your Home

The decision to buy an infrared sauna for your home is an investment that could last a lifetime. Become methodical in your investigations as you move into the phase of buying an infrared sauna and gather as much information as possible to make the right choice for you.

There are several factors to consider as you explore the infrared sauna market: The size and cost variance of infrared saunas, the quality of materials used in building the unit, whether the accessories are included in the purchase price, and the cost of running the sauna on a daily basis.

The choice to invest in an infrared sauna stems from the desire to improve and augment your health and wellness and it is, therefore, crucial to purchase a sauna that uses eco-friendly, non-toxic wood with heating panels that boast very low EMF (electromagnetic field) emissions.

Remember that the cost of an infrared sauna is not only the initial purchase price: consider installation costs, additional accessories, and the electrical cost of running an infrared sauna in your home.

Bringing an infrared sauna into your home and using it regularly can transform your health and the quality of your life. Choose the ideal infrared sauna for your health needs and respect your pocketbook!

Not All Infrared Saunas Are Created Equal: Important Health Related Considerations To Keep In Mind While Buying A Sauna

Purchase prices range wildly in the infrared sauna market. A significant contributing factor in this price range is the quality of materials used in manufacturing the unit. For the purposes of this article two categories of infrared saunas have been created: High-end and Low-end. High-end saunas are distinct because of the materials used in the manufacturing of the units themselves, and also by the fact that they include all accessories.

As you choose to enhance your health there are several factors to be mindful of as you decide which sauna will be best. Choose an infrared sauna that uses eco-friendly wood and non-toxic glue. As saunas heat up materials will off-gas, particularly in the first few months after purchase. If your sauna chamber has been created using eco-friendly wood, you will not experience negative toxic off-gassing. Low-end saunas use cheap grade wood that may produce toxic fumes from chemical additives to the wood. Ask lots of questions to the manufacturers and know that most high-end units will advertise about the type of wood used and where it came from.

You will also need to be mindful of the type of glue used in the construction of the sauna. Find an infrared sauna company that uses non-toxic glue to prevent any negative absorption from off-gassing glue. Infrared saunas made by Costco are known to use toxic glues that have negatively affected clients in the past.

High-end infrared saunas boast much lower EMF emissions from heating panels. Be sure to purchase an infrared sauna that advertises the rate of EMF emissions openly. Choose a manufacturer with low to zero emissions. This will ensure that your infrared sauna therapy is as healthy as possible. If infrared sauna companies are producing EMF emissions of over 50 V/m, find a different manufacturer with lower emissions.

The benefit of choosing a high-end sauna is that your health will be secured even if the initial investment is higher. Most of these saunas will come fully equipped with accessories that will enhance the experience of each session you take.

Infrared Sauna Size Is An Influencing Factor In Purchase Price: What Size Sauna Will Best Suit Your Needs?

Infrared saunas generally are available in four primary sizes depending on how many individuals you will want to accommodate in a single session. The price will vary as space ranges from individual size saunas to four or six-person units with individual saunas being significantly less expensive than a four-person sauna.

There are several factors (aside from price) to keep in mind when choosing the size of your sauna. For many people, the time spent in an infrared sauna is introspective and deeply personal. It is much more comfortable to take your sauna naked or mostly naked and the vulnerability of this may influence whether you want to share the space. Even if you decide that the individuals in your household would prefer to sauna alone, it does not necessarily necessitate the smallest sauna on the market.

Infrared saunas provide a great opportunity to move around, stretch, or practice yoga. Saunas built for four people provide ample space to move freely in all directions. A large sauna affords space to stretch out and also adds the possibility of sharing the space with others as desired.

If your intention is to quickly heat up the sauna and find high temperatures then smaller saunas will prove more effective. There is room to lay on your back with legs up the wall in these smaller units or to sit comfortably on the bench provided.

The two to three-person saunas are larger than individual saunas and if you are sensitive to small, enclosed spaces, these sizes may be a better option for you. Remember that nearly all infrared saunas come with a glass door and windows along the front wall and you will not be enclosed in the chamber without a full view of your surroundings outside the unit.

Ultimately, the size of the sauna you choose will influence the purchase price up to several thousands of dollars in some cases. Many saunas are built to last a lifetime so take your time envisioning how you will want to use your sauna: It may be worth the higher initial investment for a larger sauna if you are sure you want to use the space to move around or to share with others.

Take a look at the Purchase Price range depending on sauna size:

High-End Prices (eco-friendly wood, lower EMF emissions, lifetime guarantee, accessories included)

Sauna SizePurchase Price
Individual-2 Person Unit$3700 – $6000
2-3 Person Unit$4000 – $7000
3-4 Person Unit$5000 – $8000
4-6 Person Unit$5500 – $12,000

Lower End Prices (Low grade wood, higher EMF emissions, a shorter warranty timeframe, sometimes accessories not included)

Individual Unit$1000 – $2000
2 Person Unit$1200 – $2500
3 Person Unit$1200 -$3500
4 Person Unit$1500 – $4000

*Please note that these prices are an average of what to expect for purchase prices in the two distinct types of infrared saunas available. As many lower end prices will not include accessories you will need to determine the final price based on adding accessories such as a music system, medical grade light therapy, and potentially aromatherapy.

Do Accessories Enhance The Infrared Sauna Experience? Do Purchase Prices Include Accessories?

Accessories that are offered from individual manufacturers vary substantially: Some accessories will enhance the health benefits received during infrared sauna sessions while others will improve the comfort of the experience. Here are a few accessories to be mindful of while choosing an infrared sauna: Chromotherapy (medical-grade light therapy), Himalayan salt walls, and sound systems.

Chromotherapy is a system of medical-grade light therapy that uses the broad spectrum of visible color to induce greater healing while engaged in infrared sauna therapy. Researchers from NASA attempting to increase recovery time for astronauts returning from space who experienced musculoskeletal atrophy created Chromotherapy. The method was so effective that the therapy was opened to public use. The light spectrum used in chromotherapy is more effective as a treatment when combined with the powerful infrared light spectrum. As you shop for an infrared sauna unit for your home, it is hugely beneficial to ensure that the infrared sauna manufacturer includes light therapy in their units.

Himalayan salt walls as an accessory for Neosauna infrared sauna.

Himalayan Salt Walls are a rarity to find in infrared saunas but will produce positive effects on the pulmonary system of individuals exposed to this therapy. As the infrared sauna heats up, Himalayan salt walls will begin to release negative-ions and open the pulmonary tract. The therapy was born out of the ancient practice of salt cave therapy where individuals suffering from pulmonary infections would go in to lie among the salt walls and breath in the benefits of these trace minerals.

Bluetooth Sound System will enhance the experience of taking an infrared sauna session and allow the body to find deeper states of relaxation as individuals enjoy their favorite sounds. Although it is not a necessity to have a sound system, once an infrared sauna has been brought into the home you will be spending lots of time inside and it is pleasurable to enjoy your favorite music.

Most high-end saunas will include accessories. Be sure that if light therapy is advertised that medical-grade LED lights are used not just colored lights. is among the few infrared sauna manufacturers offering Himalayan salt walls and ceilings. Most high-end manufacturers will include a sound system.

Unfortunately, low-end infrared saunas often do not include accessories and some will even sell the heating units separately. It is best to find an infrared sauna manufacturer that will include all accessories in the price!

Here is a list of prices if accessories are not included:

Air Purifier$150 – $1000
Air Ionizer
(Not Necessary If Sauna Unit Comes
With Himalayan Salt Walls)
$150 – $250
Sound System$200 – $1000
Medical Grade Light Therapy$600 – $2000

Ideally, you will find an infrared sauna manufacturer that includes all desired accessories in the initial purchase price. Stay away from companies that will include heat panels separately.

Installation And Shipping Costs

Some infrared saunas companies will offer free shipping and others will not. As the units are large, the cost of shipping is high. It is well worth finding a manufacturer that will ship the sauna unit to you at no cost.

Most infrared saunas will come with easy to follow installation instructions. You will need two able-bodied adults to install your infrared sauna and as electricity is involved, you will need to be mindful and cautious. If you would prefer not to install the unit yourself, then installation services are offered through many companies. You can expect to pay around $500.00 to have your sauna installed for you.

Whether you choose to install your infrared sauna on your own or not will depend on personal preference.

Daily Electrical Cost Of Running Your Infrared Sauna

The daily electrical cost of running an infrared sauna in your home for an hour is minimal. The cost will vary from region to region depending on the cost of power where you live. You can expect to pay roughly $5/week in electricity to run your sauna.

Take a look at the price list: Watt usage cost per hour:

Sauna SizeEnergy RequirementCost: Cent/Hour
Individual-Two Person1600 W19.2 Cents/Hour
Two-Three Person2200 W26.4 Cents/Hour
Four-Six Person3000 W36 Cents/Hour

Essentially, you can expect to pay less than $20 per-month on electricity to run your infrared sauna in your home.

Warranty: Choose An Infrared Sauna That Guarantees To Serve You For A Lifetime

Investing in an infrared sauna for your home is no small price, but if you choose a manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty, then the cost over many years of use is nominal. It is impossible to put a price tag on the health benefits derived from regular infrared sauna therapy. Regardless, it can be worth spending the extra money to purchase an upgraded a lifetime warranty on a high-end infrared sauna. Be sure it uses eco-friendly wood and non-toxic materials, and choose one that will come fully equipped with health-enhancing accessories.

Find The Ideal Infrared Sauna For Your Health Needs With The Power Of Informed Pricing

The journey into infrared sauna therapy is thrilling as you watch toxins leave the body at rapid speeds with every drop of sweat. Regular infrared sauna therapy may relieve painful symptoms resulting from chronic disease. Eventually, you will fall in love with this new part of your household as health and vitality are substantially improved.

Take your time to thoroughly investigate the gamut of infrared saunas available on the market today. The investment is not a small one financially, and you will be spending a lot of time inside your infrared sauna once it is installed in your home.

Be sure that you choose the ideal sauna for you and remember that if you purchase one that comes with a lifetime warranty, that over the many years of use the cost will ultimately become nominal.

Enjoy the process of shopping for your infrared sauna and once this fixture is installed in your home, buckle your seatbelts: Your life is about to get a whole lot better!


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