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Delivery and Arrival of Your Sauna: Find Out What To Expect The Day Your Sauna Arrives

Sauna Delivery Protocol

A third party delivery service is contracted out to have your sauna brought to your home or business. After purchasing your sauna, and once the sauna has left the warehouse you will receive a tracking number so you can follow your saunas voyage to you. 

Once your sauna has arrived in your area, you will receive a phone call from the delivery company to arrange a time for delivery of your sauna. The delivery company cannot come inside your home (for insurance/liability reasons), so they will leave your sauna outside and you will be responsible for bringing your sauna inside. You will be asked to sign for your sauna. Please, before signing for your sauna, inspect the boxes to be sure that no damage was incurred to the outside of the boxes between delivery and arrival to your home.

If any of the boxes have remarkable damage, then you will refuse to accept the sauna, and a new one will be sent to you. 

Unpacking Your Sauna

Before the arrival of your sauna, you will receive a video on how to correctly unpack your sauna. If you discover any damaged parts during the unboxing, take photos of the damaged parts and contact your customer service representative so that the correct replacements can be sent to you. 

As you unpack your sauna, you will find a tool kit in the roof of the sauna. Inside this box you will find a copy of your warranty as well as your Owner’s Manual. Your warranty will come with a card that you will fill out and send back. On the warranty card you will write down the serial number of the sauna, and the date of purchase. You will need to send the warranty card back to the address written on it within six weeks of receiving your sauna. 

Future Issues Or Malfunction Of Your Sauna

All saunas come with a five year warranty, except for the sound system, which comes with a one year warranty. If any portion of your sauna stops working you will take photos and send these to your customer service representative so that a form may be submitted. You will receive replacement parts for those portions of your sauna that are no longer working.

What You Can Do To Ensure Proper Function Of Your Sauna

Your sauna should be kept somewhere dry and inside. Take measures to protect your sauna from excess humidity to extend its lifespan. 

Prepare your electrical requirements before the arrival of your sauna. Each sauna will require different electrical needs, however, they will all require a dedicated circuit. Keep your sauna clean and treat it with care. If you are renovating your home or business, and you know that there will be a lot of dust or particles around your sauna, then be sure to cover your sauna and protect it from renovations. 

To learn how to clean your sauna: 

If you have questions about your sauna or are unsure of any of its functions always feel free to reach out to your customer service representative.

Of course, enjoy your sauna and all the radiant health benefits you will experience!

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