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Can You Bring Your Phone Into Your Sauna With You?

Unplug from the world in the sauna

In a world perpetually connected to their phones, it is not surprising that this question comes up a lot. Can I bring my phone into the sauna with me? The answer to this question is fairly straightforward – Yes and No.

Most electronics do not do well in high heat for long periods of time. Yes, you can get away with bringing your phone into your sauna for a few minutes before getting a notification on your phone that it is ‘overheating’. At that time you will want to place your phone outside the sauna and remove it from the high heat. 

Ideally, you will set your desired music on the Bluetooth speaker, or meditation, or podcast, and then leave your phone outside the sauna, but still within reach if you do need to be available for work related calls or family members. 

Take Some Time Out

It is physically possible to bring your phone into your sauna for short amounts of time. Perhaps rather than trying to ‘get away’ with quick spurts of phone time in your sauna, use your sauna time to unplug from the world. Most sauna sessions rarely last longer than 50 minutes, so maybe this is a time to set your desired sound on the Bluetooth and just unplug from the world. 

As a parent, you may need to be able to reach for your phone for emergencies, in which case just place it outside the sauna door. But why not use this time to rejuvenate yourself?

Ultimately, your phone will tell you when it is getting too hot in the sauna, and you can put it outside again if you really need to. The body will relax into deeper states without the phone and all of the notifications binging while you sweat it out in your oasis. 

Personal Choice: Too Hot To Handle

Eventually your phone will overheat if it stays in the sauna with you for too long, heed the warning and save the lifespan of your phone by keeping it outside the sauna. This same rule applies to all other electronic devices such as laptops and Ipads.

Ideally, you will treat yourself to small portions of time unplugged from the world while you sauna, knowing that you can reach for your phone if needed.

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