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The Benefits of Saunas

Benefits of Sauna Therapy

Emerging from the sauna feels as if the sun itself is glowing from within. An ecstatic radiance encircles your body and there is great ease and clarity of thought. So, what is actually going on inside the body and brain to create these tender and delicious states of being?

Joy, satisfaction, lightness and renewed focus after a sauna session can be explained by a great array of physiological changes occurring in the body and brain as a result of exposure to controlled heat.

The Brain:

The human brain is greatly affected by the benefit of saunas

Increased Focus and Attention

  • Enhanced creativity and precision of thought is no coincidence after use of the sauna. As the body sinks into deep states of relaxation many neurological changes begin to take place inside the brain that cause increased mental focus and clarity.
  • As little as 15 minutes is needed for your sauna session to increase blood flow to particular brain centers that deal with the power of cognition and perception. The result is a more fluid expression of intellect and focused attention while engaged in cerebral pursuits.
  • Neurogenesis is stimulated, the manufacturing of new brain cells, through exposure to heat stress or heat shock in a controlled environment. Thermal therapy promotes neurotropic factors, which in turn support the growth and development of neurons within the central nervous system.
  • As the brain is replenished with new neurons through neurogenesis, focused attention and heightened intellectual function come with great ease. After the sauna, you will ‘feel’ a profound shift in intellectual activity and a deep precision and ease of thought flow.

Prevent and Reverse Brain Degeneration Disease

  • Formulation of new brain cells during and after the sauna session allows an already healthy brain to function at a higher level, the same is also true of individuals suffering from brain degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Parkinson’s disease.
  • The devastating effects of brain degenerative diseases for both patients and their families are unprecedented in hardship. The exposure to heat during sauna sessions fosters neurological repair, this fact creates groundbreaking opportunities of recovery for patients and their families who suffer from brain degenerative diseases.

Creative Expansion: From Fight or Flight to Relaxation

  • The autonomic nervous system has two divisions: The sympathetic division (fight or flight) and the parasympathetic (relaxation, rejuvenation, and regeneration). The engagement of either division neutralizes the other. This means that the body can either be in fight or flight or relaxation but not both at the same time.
  • A sauna full spectrum infrared sessions provide a gateway to easily slip out of sympathetic dominance into the parasympathetic state of being.
  • Under the influence of fight or flight thinking is by necessity narrower because the human organism is attempting to survive. On the contrary, states of relaxation foster creativity, as the body and mind feel secure in their environment. No longer merely surviving, the brain fires neurons in many directions increasing creative thoughts. Creative outside-the-box thinking enables success in all areas of life: business, academic, parenting, artistic, financial, self-development, and meditation to name a few.

The Body:

The human body is a complicated machine that can see many forms of improved health as a benefit of saunas.

Reduced Risk of Type II Diabetes:

  • Increase insulin sensitivity with each sauna session, this greatly reduces the risk of type II diabetes. Thermal therapy is scientifically proven to help patients suffering from impaired insulin sensitivity. The time spent in a sauna session creates an internal climate akin to aerobic and anaerobic exercise thus reducing blood pressure and increasing circulation for individuals unable to perform vigorous exercises that work the aerobic and anaerobic system.

Increase Lean Muscle Mass:

  • Maximize production of Human Growth Hormones through sauna therapy and sit back as you watch your muscles repair and rejuvenate at faster rates. The increased muscular repair experienced in a sauna will allow you to return to workouts with more frequency, ultimately giving way to a more sculpted and muscular physique.

Reduce Fat Tissue

  • Accelerated production of Human Growth Hormones experienced through thermal therapy also reduces the occurrence of fatty tissue in the body. Human Growth Hormones are anabolic hormones that simultaneously increase lean muscle mass and decrease fatty tissue. As you enter into deep states of relaxation in your sauna and watch your cares fall away, your body is being transformed into a leaner, more muscularly sculpted form, free of unwanted fatty tissue.

Release Toxic Pollutants:

  • Capitalize on the body’s largest organ: the skin, to detoxify harmful substances such as cadmium, nicotine, alcohol, lead, nickel, mercury, lactic acid and more. By increasing the body’s temperature the skin pores open up to profuse sweating. Through intense sweating the body easily rids itself of harmful substances, relieving strain on the internal organs. After the sauna, the body will be more energized and a feeling of lightness resonates within, free from toxic overload.

Luminous and Youthful Skin: The Anti-Aging Solution

  • Radiant glowing skin is the very first change you will observe in the body after your sauna session. Increased circulation brings more blood flow to the surface of the skin. Old, dry and dead skin cells fall away as the body sweats during the sauna session, revealing youthful and literally new skin cells on the surface of the body.

Boost Immunity:

  • Victory over lingering bacterial infections is yours with regular sauna use. As the core temperature of the body increases in a controlled environment, it creates a ‘manufactured’ fever. Similar to a fever, the higher body temperatures annihilate any lingering harmful infectious bacteria within the body. Create optimal health with regular sauna use, as you rid the body of hidden bacterial infections.

Sauna Metamorphosis:

  • Transformation of the body and brain at a cellular level after a sauna session creates voluminous physiological changes that are experienced as greater mental clarity, joy, reduced risk of disease and augmented external beauty. With the enormity of scientific research supporting the health benefits to both the brain and body with regular sauna use, it is no wonder that individuals walk out of the sauna feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and beautiful. The after effects of a sauna session leave us with a sharp mind, quick wit, healthy cell production and great creative expansion; all wrapped up inside of radiant, glowing and youthful skin.


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