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How Does An Infrared Sauna Work?

Are Infrared Saunas Safe?

Key Notes:

1) Infrared heat is measured in microns.
2) Our bodies emit infrared heat naturally at 9.4 microns.
3) The closer your infrared heaters are to 9.4 microns the more your body will absorb as it strikes a balance resulting in a faster deeper sweat.

Microns Matter

Did you know the human body emits infrared heat naturally? Have you ever seen a picture or video of a person using night vision? What you are seeing is infrared heat coming from our bodies at 9.4 microns and being captured by the camera.

Top of the line infrared heaters distribute heat at 8-10 microns and are also EMF free. Many heaters on the market are much less powerful and produce 5-16 microns, which is only about half of the power and healing benefits. You should always ask the manufacturer what the micron range is for the heaters they sell, because it is the most important factor in determining the long term benefits your sauna will provide. If the manufacturer doesn’t know the answer, turn and run!

In the chart below, you will see the results of our clinical studies which comparing the 9.4 microns of infrared heat being produced by the human body, and the heat produced by our powerful infrared technology. As you can see, the two graph lines are nearly identical to each other. When our bodies are synchronized with the heaters, our cores are able to absorb a significant amount more of heat, producing sweat at a lower temperature and a shorter time period. Looking at saunas online, most will look great and will produce heat, but if the infrared heat produced isn’t in this range the results of use will be insignificant.

The Optimum Range

The diagram to the right displays the superiority of an infrared heater with heaters tested clinically in the 8-10 micron range. You will notice the body’s core accepts much more heat at the 8-10 micron range. On the left, we show the common infrared heater used in a standard infrared sauna today. On the right, you will see a person experiencing an infrared heater in the optimum 8-10 micron range.
Looking at the results of this study, it is clear to see that the heat reaches much deeper when delivered by our heaters (the results shown were after 30 minutes of use). The orange color shown represents the areas of the body that have absorbed the most amount of heat. The test on the right shows a much larger, even coverage of absorption across the body, while the test on the left shows patchy results with no real consistency. The more of your body that receives the ideal exposure of microns, the more of your body that will receive the benefits.

The heaters on the left still produce the benefits of infrared heat but will take twice as long to receive the same benefits. Our infrared technology is clearly a more efficient means of reaping the health rewards of an infrared heated sauna.


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