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The Warranty

There are a few simple steps to ensure that your warranty will be activated and honored.  All of the saunas available from come with a five year warranty, which includes all of the componentry of the sauna, with the exception of the sound system (the sound system has a separate one year warranty). Delivery:… Read more

Wondering If You Can Use a Sauna If You Have a Pacemaker? Find Out What the Medical Professionals Say

If you are living with an implant heart device, or ‘pacemaker’, then most likely you have become accustomed to wondering if certain activities, machinery, or devices will conflict with the proper function of your pacemaker. While sauna bathing, including infrared sauna therapy, is known for its benefits to heart health and cardiovascular function, if you… Read more

Can Sauna Bathing Improve Cardiovascular Performance Or Serve As a Substitute To Cardiovascular Workouts?

Whether you are a high performance athlete or experiencing a debilitating condition that renders traditional cardiovascular workouts impossible, regular sauna bathing may significantly improve cardiovascular performance.  If you have been sidelined by an injury, it doesn’t mean you need to stop working out the cardiovascular system.  In fact it turns out that regular sauna bathing… Read more

Heating Times For Infrared Saunas: A Guide On How To Set Your Sauna Temperature

Infrared light is a radiant heat similar to the sun, and its method of warming the body is fundamentally different from a traditional sauna. As you begin your journey into infrared sauna bathing it is important to always remember that radiant heat operates very differently from convection heat.  Infrared saunas use the light wave frequency… Read more