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Sauna Doors

Sauna doors are usually insulated and should be made to precise standards to avoid air leakage between the door and frame.

Sauna doors are usually supplied with jambs (door frames) of 1"x6" material. These standard jambs are adequate if you are building your sauna using 2x4 studs. If you need a thicker door jamb because of building with 2x6 or having thicker walls, you should specify this when you order your door.

Sauna doors are usually smaller than regular residential doors to avoid excessive heat loss when someone enters or leaves the room. Most residential sauna door slabs measure 24" x 76" with a required rough opening of 26" x 78". 

Commercial door sizes are dictated by local codes relating to access by wheelchairs, turning radius, etc. Check your local codes! Most, if not all, commercial sauna doors require a window. For public safety, the window should be tempered on both sides if it is dualpane. 

Q. "What should I know about the door in a sauna?"
A. "Codes require sauna doors MUST open outwards from the sauna and cannot be equipped with any latching mechanism requiring lifting or turning to exit the sauna. Sauna doors can be  equipped with a brass-plated roller latch that allows the sauna door to open merely by pushing or leaning against it. Usually sauna doors are supplied with a 1x6" frame, hinges, handles, and door stop molding with all routering done for you. The required (R.O.)"rough frame opening" for most sauna doors is 26" X 78"."

Q."I'm planning a commercial sauna for a recreation complex or commercial spa. What things should I be thinking about?"
A."Many state and/or county codes require special consideration for wheelchair accessibility. Check what requirements your area has for the width of the sauna door. Some questions you should ask is....Is glass a requirement in the sauna door for attendants to view sauna patrons? How much room is required in the sauna for wheelchair patrons to turn their chairs in the sauna room? Sauna doors supplied with optional glass should be tempered on BOTH sides of the dual pane glass unit. Tempered glass is usually a requirement in commercial saunas."


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