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If you're like other people, you've discovered that finding good, objective information about saunas is very frustrating. Not many websites offer clear guidelines about designing and building a sauna, especially in North America.

Of course you're looking for good information and the best equipment, right? And when you purchase something, you want the best value for your dollar, don't you?

The European sauna operates differently than those sold and used in North America. The information here is designed to be especially useful to sauna users in the United States and Canada.

Did you know woodburning sauna heaters are growing in popularity in North America, especially with people that have a cottage at the lake? Some woodburning heaters offer the option of heating a tank of water for cleaning or bathing as you wish. Woodburning heaters are not restricted by a maximum sauna temperature as are electric sauna heaters.

Here you will find great information on designing your personal sauna, building tips, and ways to keep it looking and operating as fresh as the day you built it.

Did you know in the U.S. and Canada maximum temperatures in saunas are lower than those permitted in European saunas? Additionally, the way North Amerericans use their saunas is much different than the European style which incorporates the sauna into their daily bathing routine, a place to hold corporate business meetings, and the place where the entire family enjoys time together on a Saturday night.

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